Webcam studio is looking for live models

Webcam studio is looking for live models

Job details:

Job for:Website:Phone:+39 351 815 3201


Isla Bonita Studio is a new agency for live models willing to achieve their dreams and get a stable future income .

We are looking for models for webcams , both online and for our studio in the Canary Islands.

We offer home working with webcams , studio working (where we host you in our villa) , or you can choose to relocate near our studio for our services.

----- Job description -----

We aim to create live models, from webcams, to onlyfans, to instagram ... this is because we want to give you a choice for the future, whenever you want to quit with something, you'll have other things bringing you money .

That's why is important to us having someone who wants to go 5 steps further , and not just doing webcams to bring home a base salary.

If you'll come to our villa (spots are limited) we'll provide with

- apartment only for you

- a whole villa

- a beautiful location (well this is thanks to mother nature)

- Training

- Instagram and Onlyfans management

- photoshooting, videoshooting, content creation.

- Traffic , a lot of real traffic to reduce the amount of time you need to reach the success.

If you want to start from home, we can always bring you more traffic , and if you need we can manage also onlyfans and other social media

What we need from you

- commitment

- will to succeed

If you are worried it's gonna be 12 hours of cam, 10 hours of shootings ... that's not the case, we value free time, and happyness , an happy employee, is an invaluable worker.

But also, if you think to come and just do a vacation, you are wrong. For sure we don't value lazyness

If you work from home, that's all up to you ,you can choose when to work , but remember ... it's a full time job, and u should treat like that

Our contact details:

[email protected]

+39 351 815 3201

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