City Love Companions is an online platform providing guidance for mature people who are looking for escort service, erotic massage or another erotic service in the countries and cities listed. Our platform provides info on the widest range of erotic services and erotic nightlife: independent escort girls and call girls, escort agencies, local escort directories, red light districts, street hookers areas, girl-friendly and love hotels, independent erotic masseuses, erotic massage studios, erotic spa salons, local massage directories, independent strippers, striptease clubs, cabaret clubs, gentlemen's clubs, erotic bars, sex clubs, private houses, brothels, bordellos, swinger clubs, sauna clubs and (adult) dating and webcam sites with local girls.

We aim to offer independent and objective city guides to users and promotion opportunities to escorts and other erotic service providers and want to be clear and unambiguous about which information on our platform is of a promotional character or driven by commercial goals and which is not. For us it is crucial that commercial and editorial information is clearly recognisable and separated. This is in the first place in the interest of our readers but ultimately also advertisers will profit from being on a reliable and credible platform.

Respect our editorial content policy

The choice for certain subjects, individual service providers, companies and brand names mentioned in our general city guides and erotic content sections of cities are solely based on autonomous and independent editorial decisions. The information on these pages is based on extensive research and our own travel and practical experiences. So the info we include here is at our sole discretion. The content is not for sale and eventual links are all non-clickable and no-follow on purpose. We kindly but urgently ask you to respect our editorial content policies. So please never ask us to be listed in the general city guides or the erotic content sections of cities with or without a clickable or do-follow link. Such requests will be ignored completely and we will not enter into a discussion about it. Alternatively you can choose for premium profiles or other (paid) advertising options, mentioned below to create extra visibility on our platform for your services and/or company.

Be reciprocal

For SEO reasons we believe in natural links building and we are not supporting traditional and out-dated banner exchange practices. But in return for a free profile of an advertiser on our website and only in the case the advertiser would have an own website we kindly request a link to us on the advertiser's homepage in return for final approval and publication of the advertiser's profile. The banner codes, which can be easily copied and pasted to advertiser's homepage, are listed here: Furthermore or alternatively – especially when an advertiser would not have an own website – we would welcome a link to our website on the advertiser's Twitter or other social network profile.


Registration is open to the following types of users:

1) A (normal) user who can post comments or reviews

2) An advertiser being an independent escort

3) An advertiser being an escort agency

4) An advertiser being an independent erotic masseuse

5) An advertiser being an erotic massage salon

6) An advertiser being an independent stripper or individual club girl

7) An advertiser being a striptease or other erotic (night) club

Advertisers can create and upload profiles or banners for the promotion of an escort service, erotic massage, striptease or any other erotic service or business.

We offer free registration and publication of profiles but in addition we can provide you with many paid advertising packages based on different payment plans, which we strongly recommend you to consider for optimal visibility.

No nude images and videos

We will not allow explicit and/or pornographic material such as images and videos that contain nudity including visible nipples, genitals or sexual intercourse. Nipples and genitals need to be covered or alternatively be blurred on the images.

No stolen images and fake profiles

We will not allow stolen images and videos that belong to others and/or fake profiles.

No empty profiles

We will not allow “empty” profiles and they need to include at least one (non-nude) image. For uploading images you need to be logged in and go to My Account in right sidebar of site. Under View my Profile you can find the options to upload your images and even videos. Escort agencies, erotic massage salons and striptease and other erotic clubs will need to upload a logo to their account.

No duplicate profiles

We will not allow duplicate profiles. Please add only one unique profile to our website. In case you will be active in more cities/countries you should not make duplicate profiles but can choose for the special touring advertising options, ensuring your profile will be shown in more cities/countries at the same time.

No male profiles

Our site is primarily targeting people looking for (erotic) services provided by female and transsexual advertisers. In general we will not allow profiles of male escorts, massage therapists, strippers and other male (erotic) service providers, regardless of whether they are heterosexual or homosexual and targeting a female or male audience.

No links or references to escort directory sites

We will not allow links or other references to escort directory sites, which are considered as competitors since our website serves partly the same function.

Max of five (5) free profiles

Escort agencies, erotic massage salons, striptease clubs and other erotic (night) clubs and comparable erotic service providers, which have more employees can add up to five (5) free profiles of different girls. In case you belong to these categories of advertisers and want to add more individual girl profiles you will need to pay a fee per extra profile, which can be easily activated from your account.

Premium and featured status of profiles

All advertiser user types (independent escort, escort agency, independent erotic masseuse, erotic massage salon, independent stripper, striptease or other erotic club) can add premium status to their profiles. Premium profiles will be showcased on top of the pages of the country and city the advertiser is working from. Advertisers can also choose to add featured status to their profiles so that they will be showcased on the very top of the page in a moving (sliding) carrousel along with other featured profiles. You can easily add premium and featured status to your profile from your account under the tabs Premium Position and Featured Position.

Touring advertising

Escort agencies and individual escorts have extensive and flexible paid advertising options to promote their (international) tours on our website. In their profile they can add the start and end dates of their trips and the country/city they are touring to. Also their profiles will be placed in the special section Escorts on Tour on our website. But unlike many other directory sites we not only offer them the possibility to be published in a special touring section and on the general homepage. In addition to that and for an extra fee they can also have their profile showcased in the city they are touring. Also escort agencies, which organise such (international) city tours for their ladies can add such tours for each individual escort. You can easily add and update tours from your account under the tab Manage my Tours.

Job advertising

Please do never post job (vacancy) ads in your profile since profiles are not fit for purpose and the website offers a special section for this kind of advertising. Erotic service providers such as escort agencies, erotic massage salons, striptease and other erotic clubs can use paid advertising options to find new employees. And the same goes for individual ladies who are looking for a new job. They can create special job ads including contact details and pictures, which will be placed in the special section Job Ads on our website. For an additional fee they can choose to have these job ads showcased in several countries (up to maximum 10) at the same time. This offers excellent opportunities for escort agencies, erotic massage salons, striptease and other erotic clubs that would want to recruit new personnel from specific countries. And also individuals can use this extra option if they prefer to work in specific countries. You can easily add and update job ads from your account under the tab Job Ads.

Banner advertising

In addition there are paid advertising options for different types banners in predefined areas of our website. We offer a great degree of flexibility as far as banner types, sizes and display options are concerned. Advertisers can select in which areas of a page and in which sections of the website (such as specific countries and cities) their banners should be shown. As far as advertising plans are concerned they can choose for CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per Mile=1000 impressions) or CPD (Cost per Day).

VIP membership of normal users

Our website also allows (normal) users (not being advertisers) to become member. Also here: registration is free but they can also choose to become VIP member. In that case they will have access to some extra features such as videos in the profiles of escorts and others and the possibility to chat with escorts and others.

Payment methods

Please note that no matter the paid advertising package and payment plan you choose you will be billed for one transaction at the time only. As is indicated clearly on our website as soon as you will make a payment, we will not apply recurring payments. So in case you would want to continue your paid advertising after expiration of the period you have chosen you will not be automatically rebilled but will need to buy again for a new period. Usually the longer the period you will buy the bigger the discount you will get. When you buy for example 12 months at once you will pay only 6 times the monthly price. And it goes without saying we aim to offer secure and flexible payment methods including credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.

Block visitors from seeing your profile

If you do not want site visitors from specific countries (such as your country of origin) to see your profile on our website you can add these countries as blocked in your escort profile. This option, which is especially interesting for escorts and other service providers who do international tours or work in another than their native country, can be easily managed from your account under the tab Country Restrictions.

Apply for verified status

In case you want to increase the credibility of your profile and pictures you can upload a photo for verification from your account under the tab Verified status. This picture will be used for internal verification purposes only and will not be shown in your public profile.

Your username and password

You are expected to remember and store safely your username and password but in the event you would have forgotten your username or password the website offers the option retrieve them in order to be able to login again.

Stay up-to-date

Advertisers are held responsible and accountable for the info they have uploaded to the website. They are expected to keep the profiles (including photos) up-to-date and edit or even remove it in case they do not wish to continue advertising on the website. With that respect escort agencies, erotic massage salons, striptease clubs, other erotic (night) clubs and other erotic service providers that are advertising on the website will need to remove from the website all photos or other info of persons who do no longer work for or with them. By doing so they not only pay respect to the privacy of their former employees/colleagues, but also prevent them from contacting us and requesting to remove the photos or even take the entire profiles down. Individual persons who have found out that advertisers are using their photos or other info related to them without (no longer) permission to do so (for instance because they are no longer working for or with the advertiser) should contact in the first place the advertiser to remove or change the photos or other info related to them. This is also in their personal interest since most likely the advertiser has published the photos or other info also on many other platforms and directory sites. Out-dated information and inactive profiles are in nobody's interest. The accounts and profiles of advertisers who do not login to the website during 1 year will be automatically removed.

Be responsive

You are very welcome to enquire with us about all advertising options and we will do our very best to answer all your questions, accommodate all your wishes and satisfy all your needs. Most relevant information you already could have read above. It is entirely up to you to choose the advertising option you prefer and to refuse any offer from our side. We would appreciate your response within a reasonable time period after we have provided you information on your own request or have asked you additional information.

If however we will not receive any response from you we can decide to close your account, not approve your new profile and delete your new profile, often even without prior notice. After all, we prefer to invest our time in professional, reliable and responsive business partners who respect our precious time and appreciate our information and support. Furthermore, no response at all from your side could also mean you have left business already and you will certainly understand we do not wish to keep on our website listings/profiles of inactive advertisers.

Our privacy and cookie policies

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