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Ibiza striptease and erotic clubs

Dancing and naked bodies are as common on Ibiza as criminally diluted drinks. But what if you just want to watch a good strip show and not necessarily take a girl back to your hotel room? Ibiza, both the island as well as the city, is not particularly overwhelmed by striptease clubs based on the classic format. So be on guard if you are just looking for strip shows and other innocent erotic entertainment. As a general rule: the cheaper and seedier the club is, the higher the chance it’s a brothel. San Antonio’s West End is where most of those striptease establishments are. The manager might approach you with a straightforward question, something like: “Do you want to take one of the girls upstairs?”. Service will cost you around €70 while a lapdance is around €40.

Blonde pole dancer in golden decor of Ibiza striptease club

The line between regular striptease clubs and other erotic clubs with more hard-core action on the stage or behind the scenes is pretty blurred on Ibiza

Taboo ( Sta. Agnes, 7 is one of the better striptease clubs on Ibiza. The Sin ( at Sta. Agnes, 12 is a similar spot. Watch out for all the stag-do’s since those can get obnoxious real fast. The ones located in Ibiza city are a bit more upscale. That’s pretty much it. Keep in mind that most party girls in Ibiza’s nightclubs are one drink away from stripping. Most people don’t even bother trying to monger, getting laid is just really easy on that island.

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