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Escorts in Moscow can do their job freely as long as it is not too out in the open. It is the typical Russian approach. Many things, which are considered to be against Russian values and morals, are tolerated as long as they happen behind the schemes. This is still the case for homosexuality unfortunately and also for paid sex. Prostitution in Moscow is illegal, as simple as that, despite attempts by the local mafia to bribe the police and politicians to look into the other direction. As is the case in most countries nowadays most of escort deals are organized over the internet, where you will find escort directories, classifieds sites, escort agency websites, and homepages of independently working escort girls. That’s where it’s at in Moscow. Prices of escorts in Moscow start at about 5000 rubbles (€70), close at 15000 rubbles (€200) per hour, which is a pretty big spread. Be on guard since sometimes girls can a bit dodgy, rarely speak English or even try to scam you if they sense the inner sucker.

RusDosug ( is one of the most popular escort directory sites in Russia, and definitely worth checking out when searching for Moskva prostytutki. Another popular erotic services advertising portal, which you can use to find our pay date in Moscow is Dveochki ( The number and great looks of the girls (devuschka in Russian) on these online platforms is pretty overwhelming. A rather new phenomenon on the Russian escort directories is the increasing number of escorts and agencies posting video clips. The short movies are pleasant to watch and can contribute to your appetite. But even more important: they can offer a better impression of the girl’s appearance and a better chance to meet really the girl of the advertisement. Before setting up a meeting with one of the working girls try to contact them via WhatsApp or Viber and ask for selfies or recent genuine pictures. So you don’t end up with a whale. I also strongly advise you to use reverse image search options of Google or TinEye ( to check whether the images are not in use or owned by someone else. Personally, I am a huge fan of the reverse image search function of the Russian search engine Yandex Search, which can track down almost every image posted on the World Wide Web. Trust me: these applications can save you from a lot of mischief and frustration.

There are some golden rules to take note of when using these local escort directory sites. Most of them boil down to one main principle, which goes for almost everything in Russia: “nothing is what it seems like”. Many directories and erotic advertising platforms offer the option to filter profiles on independents, agency girls and salon girls. Just be aware that the independent label is often used to disguise that the girl in reality is working for an escort agency or salon. You can also search for English speaking ladies. But also here: the label often does not reflect reality. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating. So do not hesitate to send the girl a message through sms, or even better Whatsapp or Viber to find out. Those who do not speak English will not even send you a reply in most of the cases. Often they do not speak English but also many Russian working girls are not comfortable with meeting foreigners, especially on outcall locations. And the fact that Russians are rather suspicious by nature (especially towards foreigners) does not contribute to efficient and straightforward communication either. Last but not least: there is always the chance that a local escort (directory) site which you could visit from your home country is no longer accessible when you are in Russia. It is very unpredictable and almost ad random when authorities decide to close access to a site. In such cases your best friend will be a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service/app. By using such program you can choose an IP from another country will allow you to access blocked sites and surf the web anonymously and securely from anywhere.

High class escort from Moscow drinking champagne while taking a bath

VIP call girls in Moscow usually target a foreign clientele

VIP or Premium escorts aiming at foreign customers are another story. They usually have much higher rates but are assumed to offer better services. Many independent call girls targeting foreigners have their own professional websites in English. They speak well or at least intermediary English since they have a proper education and often travelling experience. They will usually come to your hotel or apartment but sometimes incall meetings at their place can be offered as well. An independent escort in Moscow who offers a genuine GFE is the attractive blonde Bella ( Also saunas and love hotels where you can rent a room for short time are popular places for arranging meetings between prostitutes and customers. Anyway it would be wise to contact such upscale escorts in Moscow timely enough for arranging a date because instant bookings are not always an option. Mind that some ladies have sometimes a regular daily job and are only available in evenings or weekends. And besides there is also the chance that the most popular ones are booked out already or abroad for an international city tour.

When it comes to full service, intim salons, the usual name for brothels in Russia, can be an interesting substitute for booking an escort service. These bordellos operate often under the radar and will not always pop up immediately when you do a Google search since they usually do not run own websites. But often the salons advertise the individual girls they work with on the local directories and erotic advertising platforms such as Mosdosug ( A renowned chain of imtim salons in Moscow is Nezabudki, which has venues near the metro stations Prospekt Vernadskogo, Profsoyuznaya and Universitet. Usually intim salons in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia are located in old apartment blocks in the centre and other areas of the cities. Before heading there, be sure to call the operator and receive clear (logistics) instructions in order not to get lost in Moscow’s outskirt areas and its labyrinths of huge apartment blocks. Reading experiences of fellow mongers posted in online forums could also pay of well when planning such a salon visit.

Russian girl chilling in Moscow intim salon

Intim salons: the Russian variants of bordellos are spread all over the city

Just don’t think that independent girls will always deliver a better service than agency or salon girls. On many erotic online forums you can read that many customers have pretty good experiences with girls in intim salons. This goes especially when you take into the decent prices; often an hour session will cost you not much more than €50. In exceptional cases they will charge around €100, especially when the girls are good-looking, speak English or have extra services on the menu. Just do not expect drop-dead beauties providing deep French kissing, other GFE related services or kinky games. Usually the salon girls are less glamorous but have the typical girl next-door or student appearance. In most cases they offer a pretty basic service (classic and oral protected sex), unless you are ready to pay extra fees of course. Those who feel more comfortable with arranging a date with an English speaking high class escort better stay away from the local advertising platforms and browse the international escort directories where these VIP call girls advertise in high numbers. Just do not complaint about the price which will easily run up to €200 and often even more. Comfort and quality has its price after all, and that goes especially for Moscow.

When in Moscow you can also put your bets on dating apps and services such as Tinder and Mamba (, which also comes in an English version. Mamba is the largest free dating site of the country and has a convenient app for smart phone as well Many Russian girls who work part-time as escort use this dating service. Often these are pretty students and other attractive young girls who speak intermediate English and want to make some extra cash by accompanying foreign men. They often charge cheaper prices than the professional call girls or their agencies will do. But beware that not only freelance independent girls but also professional escort agencies are posting profiles there. So also here: in any case try to retrieve a phone number for a chat in Whatsapp or Viber and try to find out you are really talking to the pretty girl on the pictures. Check also whether the phone number is not in use by many other online profiles. And also here: try to retrieve a selfie and verify if the photos are really genuine with the help of reverse image search programs.

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