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Striptease clubs in Geneva are the real deal and not the tourist rip-off spots where you could maybe get a hand-job if you paid €500 for a champagne bottle and lap-dance in a VIP room. Geneva, or Genève, as the official name is in French, is a traditional meeting place for wealthy business people and expats. So it is a typical city for the good old-fashioned cabaret clubs with a bit of stripping and a bit of teasing, good music and an artistic show of feminine grace.

Dancer performing traditional cabaret show in strip club in Geneva

Geneva gentlemen's clubs uphold the art of traditional cabaret

One iconic name comes up when you start asking about striptease clubs in Geneva: the Coupole Avenue ( at Rue du Rhône 116. It has a very basic website, covered in mystery, which just makes you want to check the place out. The truth is the inside is like any other striptease joint, but probably they are just capitalizing on that underground-secret-society vibe. They got a reputation of an exclusive night club for 30+ old people in formal attire. But then there are also rumors spread about drugs and all sorts of shady stuff. Another cool strip club hosting classy events is Velvet Club ( at Rue du jeu de l'Arc 7. What I like the most about it are all those rainbow neon sticks. They really remind me of rave parties of my youth and also recall some sweet memories about fishing trips with my dad. Yep, I’m weird like that: I like striptease joints to bring back the good old days.

Couple in sauna cabine of Geneva sex sauna

Some sauna clubs in Geneva are very luxurious and rich in facilities

There are also some sex saunas in Geneva. Just have a look at Les Bains de l’Est ( I really like that place. Most sex saunas look like abandoned hospitals remodelled by drag queens. But this one really stands out. It looks modern and luxurious but approachable at the same time. It’s also LGBT friendly, which is definitely a plus in my book.

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