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Prostitution in Vancouver has always been a big thing. The same could be said about every major port city in the world. In this particular case, the roots of Vancouver’s escort scene lie in its local Chinatown that was filed to the brim with brothels and opium dens. It was the first real red light district, being run mostly by American women. It was all about single men here back in the late 19th century, hence offering outstanding business opportunities for escorts in Vancouver. These things moved around as the city developed, but it was all around the current downtown area. Modern laws concerning prostitution in Vancouver are convoluted, to put it lightly. You can sell, but you cannot buy it. It is also illegal to “make a living out of prostitution”. Silly stuff, but they have some issues with sex workers in Vancouver. Teenage prostitution is a bit of a problem. Same thing with the drug addicts, homeless and generally damaged women around eastern downtown. Everything that happens on an acceptable, non-abusive level is very much tolerated, though.

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The high price tag of escorts in Vancouver is usually justified by their beautiful appearance and great service

Online escorts have always been the greatest strength of Canadian mongering. I’d say it’s one of the best countries when it comes to that kind of business. The variety of working ladies in Canada is great and the escorts in Vancouver are not an exception to that. You will come across many stunning girls, representing all continents of the globe. Some would complain about prices, but I think they are fair and match with the quality. Cachet Ladies ( is the oldest escort agency in Vancouver and the experience is tangible. Night Away ( sorts out escorts across entire Canada. Asian Fever ( focuses on the Asian escorts niche. Carman Fox ( is an impressive agency and it even runs its own brothel.

Escort classifieds sites have listed also many top-notch girls operating from Vancouver. Try the Personals section of Leo List ( or the Adult section of Oh My ( and you stumble upon an impressive offer of independent call girls, erotic masseuses and other sex workers. An hour will cost you at least $200. As usual: be aware that agencies, clubs and salons have a habit to present their ladies as independents while advertising on classifieds and directory sites. So you are strongly encouraged to some research if you want to do only business with independents

People say that Vancouver has multiple red light districts. That’s a bit of a stretch, to say the least. Having a concentration of streetwalkers around an area doesn’t make it a red light district. There are no actual brothels, but you might find some action in random apartments. Those usually advertise in “analogue” newspapers, because advertising prostitution is illegal. You can look around the Downtown Eastside area if you dare. I already mentioned that it’s hell on earth, so it’s up to you. Seeing people shoot heroin on the sidewalk in broad daylight is common around these parts. You can buy sex for $50 or a hit of crack cocaine, but do you really want to?

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