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Anyone that has ever dabbled in mongering knows that the entire world is flooded with Bulgarian escorts and prostitutes, but how does it all look back home and in particular in the country’s capital Sofia? The government has been thinking about fully legalizing the sex business, but they decided to adopt the standard “it’s fine as long as it’s not pimping and brothels” model. People in Bulgaria earn €2 per hour on average. So it’s not uncommon for women to turn to escort services in Sofia as a secondary, or even main source of income.

Dark-haired Sofia escort girl relaxing on bed

In Sofia many women do free-lance escorting as second source of income

Local escort directories like Top Escort (, or Call Girls BG ( are filled with gorgeous babes that offer their services for as little as €50 per hour. It might not seem that much, but compared to the average hourly rate of a regular job it is pretty substantial for local ladies. You could also try your luck with premium escorts in Sofia at Lady VIP (, or Sofia Escort ( Those girls charge a bit more, but won’t destroy your budget either. Be aware that many escort agencies might belong to the same chain since the design, girls listed and info posted on their websites look often very similar or even identical.

Bulgarian girl in sexy pose on couch in Sofia brothel

Sofia has several notorious underground bordellos

There are no official red light districts in Sofia. But there are concentrations of clubs, bars or even apartment buildings, which are known to be spots where you can have some “fun”. Especially the areas near the Pliska Hotel and Lion’s Bridge are notorious. Brothels are illegal and likely ran by crime syndicates. The first Bulgarian billionaire (nicknamed The Skull) is rumoured to have made his fortune on human trafficking and illegal prostitution, but that is probably just gossip. Some underground brothels are located in the apartments around the Vitocha Boulevard.

Street hooker in Sofia waiting for clients

There is a huge difference between day at night when it comes to street hookers in Sofia

You won’t find any streetwalkers in Sofia during the day. But at night time they climb out of their holes and look for easy targets, usually outside hotels popular among the foreigners. Bars, squares, even the park behind the Nevsky Cathedral; almost entire Sofia is crawling with working girls after dark. Competition is enormous so the prices are the lowest of the low. You can get full service for €20, even less if you would haggle a bit. Wear protection at all times. Period. Prostitutes in Sofia are notorious for carrying a plethora of STD’s. Probably only Romanian streetwalkers have a more notorious reputation in that respect.

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