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St. Julian’s striptease and erotic clubs

St. Julian’s striptease clubs have a bit of a reputation issue. There are around ten striptease clubs bunched up at Paceville and finding one with more than two star reviews is a challenge. Most of them are focused on milking as many tourists as possible every night. I like seedy titty bars, but I don’t like scams. I wouldn’t even call these striptease clubs. Girls mostly prance around in bikinis. You might get lucky if you pay €80 for a private dance, then you MIGHT see a nipple. I think they aim to make a profit from horny teenagers who somehow managed to get past the bouncers.

Blurred image of 2 dancers in St. Julians striptease club

Many striptease clubs in St. Julians are known for "milking" tourists

Try Angels Clubs ( at Santa Rita Stairs, Stiletto ( at 138 St George's Road, or any other in the area. They’re all the same. Also don’t count on taking any of the girls back to your hotel.

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