Erotic masseuses & salons from Melbourne

Melbourne erotic massage

Erotic massage in Melbourne is usually a part of a brothel menu, as they don’t even need to pretend about happy endings or full service. Take a look at BodyLine ( 10/13-21 Thomas St, which is actually a brothel that specializes in sensual massages. Interesting, isn’t it? For once it’s not a massage salon that’s secretly a brothel, but the other way around, sort of.

Two girls in Jacuzzi of erotic massage salon in Melbourne

Many brothels have erotic massage on the menu in Melbourne

And then there are those ran-down Asian joints that still play the game of appearances around the less frequented parts of town. South Melbourne Spa ( has an option without the sex part if you just want the massage. Number 100 ( at 100 Johnston St has a back-alley entrance, in case a PI or your wife is following you.

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