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Escorts in Muscat are a complex issue. One side of it is the Muslim take on prostitution. The other side is this super-rich city with horny businessmen: the perfect stage for escorts in Muscat. So, there’s an internal conflict between making big bucks and ending up in Omani jail. Prostitution is illegal here and sort of a taboo. Government officials ALLEGEDLY acknowledge the issue, but they don’t consider it a threat. Everything is unofficially available. You got brothels, erotic massage action, bar girls, and exclusive escorts in Muscat. They do have a serious human trafficking problem here. Let’s be real though, which port on this continent doesn’t? Most working girls come from Morocco, Eastern Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. Native prostitutes are a rare sight; so don’t count on that Mia Khalifa fantasy.

Asian escort in Muscat hotel room

Many escorts touring to Muscat are coming from Southeast Asia

Local escorts in Muscat ads are dodgy, to say the least. Girls advertise on uncommon media, most likely to avoid persecution. You’ll find ads on Medium, which is a platform for writers, on Pinterest. And of course on Twitter which has turned into major marketing tool for escorts worldwide. The absolutely best thing I came across is an escort ad on You know, the funny cat pictures hub. There are some regular sites as well. I cannot help thinking that many webmasters could need an English language course when I see websites such as Escorts in Oman ( that supposedly is ran by a “pKSIATNI” escort! Radhika Model ( is an agency with a handful of escorts in Muscat. Muscat Escort ( is yet another escort agency with a few exotic babes. That’s more or less it for local websites. You can browse Cosmo Hotties ( for freelancers, or Locanto ( for classifieds. There are a few more options on obscure websites such as Free Classified for Oman ( if you can be bothered digging through all that. Escorts in Muscat are hugely overpriced in my opinion. The plainest of girls will charge you $150 for an hour. I guess that’s the downside of mongering in Oman. Scams are pretty common as well, keep your wits about you and never give money to middlemen. Also I strongly recommend you to check the authenticity of pictures by asking for selfies, and using reverse image search engines such as TinEye and Google Images. Checking in Google whether the phone numbers are not in use by many other “independent” girls would not harm either.

Working girl waiting for clients in hotel bar in Muscat

Bars in and around the business and tourist hotels in Muscat are good spots for meeting working girls and freelance escorts

Bar prostitution, brothels, and street hookers are what the government has issues with. The police are efficiently locking most sites down. You won’t find any red-light districts here, but hooking up shouldn’t be too hard. Your best bets are streets and bars around popular hotels. Word is that the western part of Muscat has a substantial Filipino sex workers population. A quickie will cost you around $50.

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