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Escorts in Geneva or Genève as the French-speaking inhabitants say, can offer their services in all openness. In a country so fond of old traditions it might come as a surprise that it is so liberal in some ways. Prostitution in Switzerland has been widely tolerated even back in the 16th century and it hasn’t changed. Commercial sex is completely legal, including brothels, the Swiss government is doing everything in their power to enable every willing person to pay or get paid for safe, taxed sex. Facegirl ( is an enormously popular directory of escorts and even agencies in Geneva, all in form of a social network. Geneva Escorts ( is an escort agency that employs escorts instead of just allowing them to advertise on their website. Some pictures of those girls I remember from movies. As always, ask for selfies or genuine photos when you suspect an online publisher of “borrowing” pictures.

Blond Geneva escort in skinny jeans and red pumps

The legality of escorting and other paid sex services has a long tradition in Switzerland

Be My Girl ( is by far my favourite escorts directory in Geneva, slick, clean, modern-looking website with lots of stunning escorts with certified profiles. They have their own team of photographers that meets girls for photo shoots (some guys have all the luck). Judging the statement on the site they are very adamant about not running an agency and state all the escorts are independent. An hour with one of those gorgeous call girls will cost you upwards from €200. The profiles of the girls mention also the nationality. Oh, I truly love this Swiss transparency and precision in everything!

The majority of the escorts does not have a Swiss passport but have the Latvian, Czech or Hungarian nationality. It is exemplary for the escort scene in Geneva and the rest of Switzerland where you will encounter many girls from Eastern Europe, neighbouring France of course, Spain, and Latin American countries. And when escort agencies or directories do not include nationality in a girl’s advertisement or profile you can often easily guess the country of origin from the nickname or “artist name” chosen, languages spoken and of course her appearance. I mean: a long leggy blonde with Slavic cheekbones called Anastasia will probably not be born in a sleepy Swiss mountain village. But then again: in multi-cultural country like Switzerland is today, you can never tell for sure and maybe I am just too pre-judgmental.

Brothel girl on canape sofa in Bern whorehouse

Brothels in Geneva and other Swiss places have a great reputation and are vey safe places for both girls and customers

Brothels in Geneva are popular thanks to the Swiss tolerance and legal approval towards prostitution. Places like the 8ème Ciel ( at rue Pellegrino-Rossi 14 don’t even need to hide their true nature. They openly advertise their services and hostesses on the site and the sex centre operates 24/7. As practically everywhere in this expensive country, one hour of full service will cost you something close to €300. Venusia ( at Rue Rodo 2 is another highly rated bordello in Geneva that also has some great massage options on the menu to improve the experience even further. When you will visit the homepage you are immediately referred to their escorts section so they have ladies doing outcall service for sure as well. You can also find some old-fashioned brothels around Pâquis, Genève’s bustling nightlife hub. You might also spot some old-school street prostitutes there but they’re not even worth mentioning. Street walking is a dying breed in Geneva.

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