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Escorts in Naples, and all the other sex workers, have a bit of a bad reputation. Prostitution is legal, but not very developed or accepted within the local community. The escort scene in Naples, or Napoli, as the Italians call it, is all right. Everything else is misery, likely because of Camorra and their involvement in human traffic, illegal brothels, and street prostitution. The latter was quite a big of a deal about 10 years ago. Streetwalkers were so infamous that they turned tourists away from Naples. Those girls used to be very pushy back then, to the point that it started to bother and annoy people. It’s getting better with time, but as you know: old habits die hard. You’ll see rather mature Chinese women, Romanians of all ages, Nigerians, Brazilians and other Latinas, and quite a few Italians. There are also quite a number of transsexuals in Naples. The femminielli have historically been a part of local culture and some people believe they bring good luck. There are around 3000 of these guys in the city but not all of them are prostitutes of course.

Latin escort girl showing her impressive buttocks

Escorts in Naples come from all continents and Brazilian and other Latin American girls are well-represented

Accompagnatrici (escorts) in Naples are something to consider if you’re looking for a higher level of service. I don’t mean to bash the streetwalkers, but the difference between them and escort services in Naples is obvious. Classifieds on Bakeca Incontri ( or Amasens ( draw the line somewhere in between. Mega Escort ( and Mill Erotici ( are packed with gorgeous ragazze, but I wouldn’t trust all those profiles to be 100% real. An hour of fun will cost you at least €150.

Naples street hooker waiting for customers

Street prostitution in Naples is flourishing but also messy and risky business for both working girls and clients

Street prostitution is the most common way of mongering in Naples. You’ll see the “fireflies” everywhere after dark and it’s not a pleasant sight. Actually, it’s quite a mess. Different groups of hookers are fighting over territory and prices. Nigerians are supposedly charging as low as €5 for a BJ. That doesn’t sit right with all the other prostitutes who’d rather ask at least €30 for such service. Large groups occupy areas surrounding the Garibaldi Train Station. There have been talks about a proper red-light district, but they’re still at the “we’ll see” stage. Brothels in Naples are also rather nasty, usually located in tiny apartments around Piazza Garibaldi.

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