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Manila striptease and erotic clubs

Don’t wrap your head too much around the striptease clubs in Manila since there is no such thing as traditional strip bars and clubs. Remember: it is all about Girly Bars in Manila. And these Girly Bars come in many flavours. Firstly there are the Bikini Bars. They are exactly what the name suggests: Go Go bars with girls dancing on stage but don’t expect they will drop the bikinis, at least not in public. Evergreens amongst the local Go-Go are Kojax at 1210, 5 Badajos or Foxy's Bar and Lounge at 10 Dona Carmen. You pick a girl, pay a bar fine and you take her out to your hotel room. Some clubs around Ermita, which is home to the traditional red light district of Manila, might even have rooms upstairs that you can “utilize” for an additional fee. Furthermore you’ve got the Sports Bars in Manila, which are pretty similar to the beer bars in Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. These are popular hangouts for tourists and expats with the mandatory pool tables, big screens with live sports, beer and burgers.

Go-go dancer in erotic night club in Manila

Go-go clubs are the usual variant of striptease clubs in Manila

Last but not least there’s the intriguing KTV bar scene in Manila. Asian countries have a thing for karaoke and “sexpats” have a thing for Asian girls. You combine the two and you get KTV bars. They are usually more expensive than other clubs and bars in terms of prices for drinks and girls. But they are usually worth the higher price tag also because they offer more privacy in the private karaoke rooms. You have crazy places like Classmate KTV ( at 1012 Quezon Avenue with cute girls wearing school outfits. Actually, most of the better KTVs are on Quezon Avenue. All those spots are like theme parks, you got the karaoke but you also have stages with a striptease. Some even have erotic massage parlours on different floors. It’s madness. On paper you rent a room with the karaoke stuff in it, but there’s more to it.

Hostesses sitting in KTV bar in Manila

You never know what the evening brings in an Asian KTV bar

Magically, a bunch of half-naked girls appears and you buy them drinks. And then “other stuff” tends to happen. And let’s be honest: isn’t that exactly what you hoped for and came for in the first place? Sometimes it happens in the room, sometimes it happens in your hotel room. A KTV will cost about $50 and you go from there. The other stuff combined with drinks and snacks will still cost you a third of what you’d pay in western brothels.

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