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The escorts scene in Zagreb might not be as developed as at the resorts, but it’s not a complete desert either. Prostitution here is illegal and…seasonal, so to speak. It used to be legal before World War 2 and legend has it that it was pretty awesome. Tkalciceva street was packed with brothels that needed a license to operate. Working girls’ health was kept in check. Then communists took over and delegalized everything. Why? Because communism and prostitution just don’t work together. Now, I’d go as far as saying that escorts in Zagreb are an overflow of the crowd that works the coast. There is a slight human traffic issue in Croatia and most working girls come from Eastern Europe. Don’t bet on anything overly exotic here. Buying sex in Zagreb is not the most streamlined experience either. Nevertheless, the women are sweet and very open towards foreigners. People say they’re also some of the most beautiful they’ve seen in the entire world.

Beautiful Zagreb escort stretching out on chaise longue sofa

When it comes to escorts in Zagreb it is not about quantity but quality and besides: Croatian women are renowned for their beautiful appearance

Online escorts in Zagreb advertise exclusively on classifieds. There are no local agencies, no Croatian escort directories: nothing. Escort services in Zagreb on classifieds sites are also a bit dodgy, to say the least. Fake profiles, scams, the usual stuff. Osobni Kontakti is the tab with escort adds on Oglasnik (, Sex SMS Oglasi ( and Ljubavni Oglasnik ( I’m sorry, but that’s it. You’ll have to sift through a lot of crap to find something worth your time. Zagreb is very affordable for an EU country, especially during the offseason. You can buy an hour for as low as €30, but the professionals charge upwards from €130.

Croatian girl sitting at the bar in Zagreb

The chances to meet freelance working girls in one of Zagreb's clubs or bars are rather bleach

Hooking up with working girls in the open field can also be a challenge. There is no red-lights district in Zagreb and streetwalkers are very hard to come by. They sometimes lurk in front of popular hotels, or hang around the train station. The brothel situation is similar: there are secret brothels in small apartments. Taxi drivers might drive you to one, but it’s risky business. You might come across some freelancers in bars and clubs, but don’t get your hopes up. Zagreb has everything that an upcoming sex tourism destination needs…on paper. It just doesn’t work very well here, maybe it’s a little too early and the city needs time.

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