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Believe it or not: but life of an escort in Salzburg is an eventful one. The city and its sex workers received recognition due to unintentional mishaps. Everything apart from streetwalking is legal and, as such, monitored by the government. Salzburg escorts need to be registered, pay taxes and undergo biweekly health check-ups. The city used to charge the girls for those. The sum racked up quickly with these massive numbers of prostitutes and escorts in Salzburg. One smart girl realized that all that is against the law and filed charges. Apparently, it’s the city that should be paying for that sort of procedures. Prostitutes won against the city and Salzburg had to pay a total of €1M of compensations. There’s another story about a brothel owners protesting against the tax office. The genius decided he would offer free booze and sex at his brothels. How can you be one of the major business owners in Salzburg and not predict how this ends?

Escort in Salzburg in black lingerie with cell phone waiting for call of client

Due to the strong presence of legal brothels ecorting is less profitable and available in Salzburg

The Salzburg online escorts scene is a bit disappointing. The choice is rather limited, but that’s to be expected in a city with legal brothels. You have the “usual regional suspects” like Jessica’s ( or Royce Dolls ( that ship premium escort services all over the place. Supreme Escorts ( is more of the same stuff. You’ll come escorts like Oksana ( who don’t mind traveling to Salzburg for the right price. Classifieds on Laendle Anzeiger (, however, are you best bet when it comes to Salzburg escorts advertising online. An hour will cost you upwards from €150. Many girls working as escort or in a sex club in Austria originate from Central and Eastern Europe, so girls from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary and other countries from that region are usually well represented.

Brothels are the main event and you won’t see any window prostitution or anything of that kind in Salzburg. Laufhäuser are a big thing in Salzburg. A Laufhaus is the typical German version of mega brothels that you can find a lot in Austria, Switzerland and Germany obviously. Imagine huge house blocks with many staircases, filled to the brim with tiny rooms where you can peek inside and see if you like the girl. For regular brothels, also sometimes referred to as studios, you usually pay for the entrance (€60) and then an extra €50-100 for the time spent with one of the ladies. Pascha ( at Eberhard-Fugger-Straße 9, is the most famous club of that kind in Salzburg.

Visitor of Salzburg Laufhaus brothel admiring girl

Brothels, especially the Laufhaus variant, are a big thing in Salzburg

There are a couple of brothels and Laufhäuser around the Old Town, like the Laufhaus Altstadt ( at Herrengasse 18. So close to the historical centre you might expect tourist traps but they are actually pretty good . There is an on-going conflict in Salzburg between legal brothels and prostitutes on one side and illegal sex workers on the other side. One group is mad that the other group is not paying taxes. You can find the latter walking the streets around Salzburg's train station. Prices are lower than the brothels, but there are downsides. No license unfortunately also means not any medical check-ups.

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