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Beijing striptease and erotic clubs

Striptease clubs in Beijing are tracked and put down by the local authorities like rabid dogs. The taboo on regular strip clubs is something you often witness in countries where paid sex is all over the place. Why the hate for titty bars when you have hand job hair salons at every corner? I don’t know, maybe they don’t mind sex as long as it’s not out in the open? But then you got all the streetwalkers openly bothering foreign men. So where do people go for their fix of female attention?

Chinese girl pole dancing in Beijing night club

If you are looking for a regular lap dance or striptease club in Beijing you have come to the wrong place

They go to “special KTV” bars. Regular KTV is your everyday karaoke bar with private rooms where you can make a fool of yourself. “Special KTV/Serviced KTV” is a karaoke bar where the staff can arrange for a girl to join you. There often is a small stable of them waiting for clients at the main bar. A whole package including a girl, drinks and renting the room is around $200. Melody ( at 24 Zhongguancun S St comes up quite often among the locals.

Female singer in Beijing KTV bar

In Beijing karaoke bars and hostess clubs provide excellent opportunities for finding female company

You could also try your luck at one of the hostess clubs. You walk in, pick a table and one of the available girls keeps you company for the rest of the night. You pay a fee and buy her drinks to pay for the service. Some might agree to prolong the service after work in your hotel, while others may not. Taking a hooker to your hotel can cost as much as $800 for the entire night, $300 for a quickie at a love hotel. Yeah, love hotels: they are everywhere. Asians thought things through. It’s where you take your girlfriend if you’re still living with your parents and can’t bang. Or where you meet up with a professional call girl or freelance escort you picked up in a local bar or club naturally. They got those quirky, themed rooms, which you can rent for half an hour. 

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