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Belgrade might be a city with a gypsy soul. It might even be the wildest city in the Balkans. But it definitely isn’t a city with easy access to its escorts market. And then I put it even mildly. The government decided to drop the hammer on the Belgrade escorts scene in 2017. They raided multiple hotels that supposedly hosted escort agencies and individual call girls. But it didn’t amount to much. Most women spent some time in jail and went straight back into the sex business. Nothing wrong with that either, the majority of Serbian escorts work out of their own volition. Pimping is still there, but it’s not the violent and abuse-filled relationship that comes to mind. I don’t want to say that it’s acceptable, but the percentage of crimes involving prostitutes is very low. The main selling point for most girls is money and they can easily make twice the average national wage selling their bodies. There have been legalization talks but they haven’t reached a conclusion as of late 2019.

Belgrade escort having a cocktail in private apartment

The Belgrade escorts scene is not easily accessible, especially for outsiders

Truth be told, there aren’t even that many escorts and other working girls in Belgrade. Different organizations estimate around 4000 prostitutes in entire Serbia. Most of them are local girls, or at least from the close vicinity, so don’t count on anything exotic. The online escorts market seems to dominated by many independent escorts and just a few agencies. Beograd Escort (, Beograd Escorts ( and Belgrade Escorts ( obviously source their talent around the Silicon Valley. You could book a touring escort like Claire ( if you know you’re visiting Belgrade ahead of time. That’s pretty much it, you could google translate your way through Halo Oglasi ( and look for escort classifieds: Lični kontakti. Those girls often include the name of their agency in their profile. Expect to pay around €200 for an hour with a high-quality escort in Belgrade.

There are no legal brothels in Belgrade. You can ask around but bordellos change their address often and are hard to track down. There are some sick rumors about animal brothels but I trust that is not what we’re looking for. I thought “A Serbian Film” was disgusting but this is on another level.

Streetwalkers can be found around the Blue Bridge and streets surrounding the train station. I don’t get the relation between hookers and train stations. It’s the same in every larger city. Most corner girls are either refugees from Syria or gypsies. It might be cheap (€5-20) but it’s risky and I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Serbian girls ordering drinks at bar of club in Belgrade

The bars and clubs in the area of Strahinjica Bana, nicknamed “Silicon Valley” of Belgrade, are known for attracting beautiful local ladies

You’re better off trying your luck with local girls and freelancers frequenting the restaurants, bars and clubs in and around Strahinjica Bana street, commonly known as the “Silicon Valley”. It’s where the celebrities of Belgrade come to drink champagne and flaunt their trophy wives. That’s where the nickname comes from: all the fake, lips, titties and asses. What did you think? That they’re working on quantum computers?

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