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Phuket striptease and erotic clubs

There is no such thing as striptease clubs in Phuket, at least not of the western kind. They will advertise as strip joints or titty bars in Phuket, but that’s just marketing. The reality is that the go-go bars are the closest things to an actual gentlemen’s club.

Four show girls posing in Phuket night club

Nude shows and striptease are taboo in Phuket's clubs

Girls will dance, they will entertain you and they will try to drag you into buying them drinks. The main difference is that they can’t really go fully nude. Most of them will dance in clothes, some in bikinis.


Girls in Phuket go-go bar

The legendary Thai go-go bars are the place to be in Phuket for those looking for something close to a regular striptease club

You might get lucky and see a bit more skin at one of the Suzy Wongs ( clubs. They grew into a network of five clubs operating in Phuket. There are hundreds of girls that will do everything in their power to entertain you. They’ll dance on the tables and they’ll dance on the bar. The main downside is that the strippers aren’t really strippers, as they’re not allowed to go topless. It still happens, but under certain circumstances, which usually means that police is looking the other way. Some bars have also rooms in the back where you can spend some private time with a girl that you pick.

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