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Before diving into the Tokyo escort scene as a foreigner (gaijin) you should know that prostitution, as in “paying for sex with another person”, is illegal in Japan. Paying $200 for company, chat or a bath and then having “accidental free sex” is completely fine however. Makes sense, right? Hired company in Tokyo always had a slightly different meaning that in the west. Courtesans would be a more appropriate term than escorts. Women were getting paid to entertain men, pour them drinks, dance around; intercourse was possible, but often not even on the menu. Modern sex business, however, is thriving; Tokyo is easily one of the top cities in the world when it comes to the naughty stuff. The variety of services is staggering and on a completely different level than the western countries. It’s ridiculous.

Let’s start with escorts in Tokyo. Take Hentai Tokyo ( for example. It has got to be one of the best escorts agency websites I’ve seen in my life. And believe me; I’ve seen a lot. Girls are split between various categories from silver to AV Star, which is the Japanese equivalent of a porn star. The options are the best part; you can add stuff like dildo play or golden shower to your session as if you were adding a slice of Chashu pork to your ramen. The Tokyo escorts are stunning and the animated profile pictures are all the more enticing. An hour with an escort from Hentai Tokyo will cost you upwards from $200, which includes only “1 shot”. Two hours will cost you twice as much but then you can do unlimited “shots”. Notice how they mention nothing about vaginal penetration; they’re technically not selling sex. Tokyo Escorts ( is a similar site, although a bit more sophisticated and expensive. Booking an escort of that agency during two hours will cost you almost $600.

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Paying for sex is technically illegal in Japan but you will be astonished about how naughty Tokyo is

Entire Tokyo is one gigantic red light district. You will find different kinds of streetwalkers depending on the part of town. Yoshiwara for example, is a historical, closed off district where women could safely practice their craft and they still do. The district is also home to over 60 soaplands, the Japanese style erotic massage parlours. The newer, more modern Akihabara, also known as the electronic city is where you can find all the anime girls, some dressed in school uniforms, some dressed up in funny costumes, many of them looking to make some buck on the side. Kabukichō has always been a place for the bad boys, working girls and scam artists. It’s awesome if you’re the kind of person that fits into that kind of crowd. If you’re not then you’ll probably end up in trouble. Also remember that in some of those places you will just not be welcome as an outsider.

You will not find any real European-style brothels in Tokyo but no need to panic since you can always visit one of those legendary Pink Salons. In a pink salon, the Japanese equivalent of the blowjob bars you can find in more Asian cities, you can grab a beer, relax in an armchair and have a blowjob for $50. If you like to keep things more hidden you can alternatively sit at a bar and get a hand job under the table. I keep saying how Tokyo isn’t your average city and I mean it.

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