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You’d think that a city historically ruled by a “Prince Bishop” would be rather prude. Nope. Even a persona of such influence couldn’t put a leash on the predecessors of escorts in Liège (or Luik as they say in Dutch). Soldiers stationed in the city have been known to indulge in prostitution in Liège since even before the Middle Ages. Things haven’t changed much since then. Well, there aren’t that many soldiers anymore and prostitutes in Liège don’t need to hide in dark alleys. Most of the stuff, including escort services in Liège is legal. Brothels, pimping and soliciting are an exception. Liège, like most Belgian cities, is rather open-minded. There was even a famous red-light district with window prostitution that also attracted male visitors from the Netherlands, Germany and France. It was shut down to make room for the state-of-the-art train station. Authorities are considering centralizing the sex business in one area. That project is on hold as of now (2020), but I think it’ll pull through. They’re doing this mainly for the wellbeing of women and to counter the human traffic syndicates, which is definitely a plus in my book.

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The Liege escort scene is pretty diverse and represents many nationalities

The escort scene in Liège has a very strong online presence, especially when you consider that Belgium is not a big country. Some people complain about the market being oversaturated with Bulgarian and Romanian sex workers. This might be true for the streetwalkers and erotic club scene, but the escorts displayed in the Liège sections of the different online portals and directories appear to be very diverse. African, Latin, Asian and especially Eastern European ladies are all well represented. Local mongering is focused on online directories. Quartier Rouge ( is one of the best (if not the best) escort directories covering Liège and other Belgian cities. Escort Girls (, 6 Guide ( and Cyberotica ( are also exceptional. You can find a good few classifieds on G-Trouv ( That’s it, a whole bunch of directories with independent escorts in Liège. An hour will usually cost around €150.

Prostitute in Liege's red light district

Several window girls of Liege's former famous red-light district relocated to the neighbouring city of Seraing

There used to be a proper red-light district in Liège along the Rue du Champion. It was very popular, not only with the locals but also neighbouring Dutch and Germans who were hopping over the border for some quick relief. This legendary red-light district of Liège had window prostitution, peep shows and all that jazz. I write “had” on purpose because it’s been cleared out by the authorities. You can still find a window or two, but it’s a far cry from what it used to be. A few dozen working girls have moved to the nearby town of Seraing where a little red district including window girls is located. That’s where all the eastern European sex workers hang out. Brothels are illegal, but you can find some in those two areas I mentioned above. Prices are lower than what independent escorts in Liège charge, but so is the quality. Expect to pay about €80 for a quickie.

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