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Warsaw striptease clubs are a sensitive and controversial topic. Most of my acquaintances were scammed in a club at one point or another, or at least “know a guy” who has been. Including myself, for that matter. It sometimes feels like their popping ruffies in your drinks like tic-tacs. And then you wake up at home or on a sidewalk with an empty wallet, credit card alerts, and no dignity. Insider tip: the best way to not get scammed in a strip club in Warsaw is…not having any money! Clubs like Sogo ( at Aleje Jerozolimskie 6 street, Sofia ( at Polna 13 street and most other strip bars in those areas are rumoured to be a scam central. And especially if you’re a decently looking foreigner with a fat wallet you are in a vulnerable situation when exploring the local strip clubs scene.

Blonde pole dancer demonstrates her flexibility in Warsaw striptease club

The women in Polish strip and other erotic night clubs are stunning but always keep your wits about you

If you really want to visit a striptease club in Warsaw I would recommend New Orleans ( located at Zgoda 11 street. It’s pretty high end with three floors and a restaurant. New Orleans is a safe bet for a fun night-out with your friends, and also very couple-friendly. Another venue with an excellent reputation at the moment is Playhouse ( on Solidarności 82A. This three-store club was voted the no 1-strip club in the world according to the renowned online magazine, Its sexy dancers and the super friendly staff are considered to be Playhouse’s greatest assets: But despite the great track records of some clubs, remember they are the minority. You definitely should not miss out on a night-bar crawling around Nowy Świat street. Or alternatively: check out the clubs on Mazowiecka. You’ll most likely pick a girl up for the night: one who won’t completely ruin you and your bank account.

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