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Escorts in Osaka have always held special status in social circles. After all it is the country of geishas and oirans, although only the latter ones could be considered as high-class prostitutes during the Edo period (1600-1868). Prostitution (fūzoku) is illegal, but no one cares and escort services in Osaka are insanely popular. You can’t “pay for sex” so you pay for services and the sex happens to be a “private agreement”. Paying for everything that technically isn’t sex (vaginal intercourse) is completely legal. Blowjobs, handjobs, paizuri (breast sex), and even anal are acceptable. Osaka is a theme park for mongers with only one downside: there isn’t much variety. Japan is still very much homogenous. It’s not that they’re racist, it’s more that they’re weary of outsiders. You won’t be seeing many eastern European escorts in Osaka. What they lack in racial variety they make up with an unreal range of services.

Traditional Japanese geisha

Traditionally geishas and oirans are associated with prostitution in Japan, although this is only true for the latter ones

Escorts in Osaka are a good choice if you’re new to the world of Japanese prostitution. Local women are quite open towards dating foreigners…for the most part. There are still talks of clients being refused service because of nationality. Being a gaijin (foreigner) in Japan comes with challenges. Just make sure you’re using an online escort in Osaka website written in English. Japanese Escort Girls (, Japan Escort ( are good picks. Escort agencies in Osaka are called “delivery health services/clubs/shops”, like Club Valentine ( An hour will cost you at least $200 and you will need to anticipate extra fees. Picking a girl will cost you, transport will cost you, additional inventory will cost you, and bribing your hotel receptionist will cost you.

Red light districts are at the core of sex tourism in Osaka. They’re the closest you can get to the traditional Japanese brothel experience. There are five Shinchi in Osaka, but Tobita Shinchi is the largest and the most atmospheric one. Everything here looks as if it was drawn by Miyazaki. The district is divided into two main parts. There are two Yokai (monster) streets in the western part with clearly lower quality of service. Then there’s the “Main” street with all the top spots and gorgeous working girls. You can walk around and look inside, kind of like with window prostitution. Girls usually sit on display at the entrance, overlooked by an ancient-looking Yarite Babaa; the female brothel supervisor or mamasan, as the usual name in Asia goes. The rooms are old school and rather basic. There’s only a bed and some hygiene gels to freshen yourself up, as they can’t have showers in these places. There are over a hundred Okiyas (officially the establishments where geishas live) in Tobita alone. Prices can get steep too; 15 minutes will cost around $100. Soaplands, the legendary Japanese bathhouses that dub as brothels, and pink salons are available. But adjust your expectations. They are not even close to what you would see in Tokyo. People say they have been at KTVs where they could get full service, but it’s a bit of an urban legend. There are two of those karaoke’s around Tobita, but you need to be in a group of at least four people for some reason.

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