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There isn’t anything special about escorts in Bordeaux. They adopted that weird legal model of punishing the client with fines. So if a guy gets caught red-handed with a Bordeaux escort, he can expect a fine of €1500. Proving that someone was just about to pay for sex must be close to impossible. Things have also been changing with the renovation of the riverbanks and docks. The docks area has always been the underbelly of Bordeaux: a place full of rogues, vagabonds, druggies, and streetwalkers. Now it’s a favourite hangout of local hipsters, which is a minor shift for the better.

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Beware of escorts and agencies in Bodeaux who use fake pictures online and ask for electronic payment

Escorts in Bordeaux have moved their businesses online when the city underwent its transformation into a clean, chic European destination. 1Baiser (, Lady Xena ( are not too bad. 247 Annonces ( have some great classifieds. The only downside with online escorts in Bordeaux is that many profiles are fake and used for scams. It’s not just me making it up; clients have genuine complaints and you will come across terrifying experiences that customers post on online forum and review sites. They book a girl online and someone with a completely different appearance and age arrives. Don’t automatically believe the “real photos”, even if they claim to be verified on some platforms. Always check veracity of pictures with help of reverse image search offered by TinEye, Google or Yandex Search. Otherwise it can get really nasty and disappointing especially with the European prices of €200 for an hour, if not more.

A real plague and a typical phenomenon in France are the dozens of girls who will ask you to pay via Neosurf, Transcash or other electronic payment method instead of cash. Especially the electronic voucher system Neosurf is popular and abused in France and Belgium. After payment you will get a code, representing some amount of money, which you can use to make an online purchase. Girls will tell you it’s safe and discrete and will ask you to buy a voucher and send them the code. They will assure you the money will only be taken during or after the date. Don’t believe them. There are numerous online reports and anecdotes about clients who have been ripped-off by working girls, or the criminal pimps or agencies pulling the strings behind the schemes. Always follow the golden rule in escort business and never pay anything before meeting a lady. Don’t. Do. It.

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Street prostitution in Bordeaux moved to the industrial zones of the city

There used to be three red light districts in Bordeaux. That’s quite a number for not such a big city. Actually, those weren’t much of a real red light district, but more like clumps of streetwalkers. As so often in big cities; the train station used to be a popular spot. But local citizens didn’t like it much. Multiple protests led to the closure of most red-light areas. All the action moved to industrial parts of Bordeaux where no one would be disturbed. Streetwalkers discreetly provide their services while being monitored by pimps hidden in nearby cars. I heard that it’s not the worst experience. Relatively cheap as well, a blowjob is around €50 on the streets of Bordeaux. You can come across brothels here if you look hard enough. Those sometimes cryptically advertise in newspapers. Remember to watch out for the cops. Getting fined is unlikely but shit happens when you least expect it.

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