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Singapore striptease and erotic clubs

Believe it or not but striptease clubs are illegal in Singapore as they are considered places full of “immoral behaviour” and “public indecency”. Pretty amazing for a city, where escorting and hidden paid sex services are so rampant, isn’t it? But this slightly hypocrite approach towards striptease clubs is typically for more conservative countries in the region such as UAE and China where you can find working girls in every hotel lobby or bar, but a strip show or pole dance would cross the red line.

Sign for striptease club in Singapore

You will search in vain for a striptease or comparable erotic club in Singapore

So the only places where you can watch half-naked chicks dancing are the beach parties and clubs around Sentosa. Don’t let that get you down; there are hundreds of beautiful, exotic girls that roam around all the popular spots looking for potential dates. It is scientifically proven that Asian women have a huge lady-hard-on for white men, so your chances of pulling something are close to 99%.

Sexy girls in bikini at Singapore beach

The beach clubs around Sentosa are the perfect environment when you would like to mingle with local beauties

I’m not even joking, there are studies showing that Asian women would rather stay single than date Asian men because they don’t see them as masculine. Finding a girl on Tinder should be a piece of cake.

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