Erotic masseuses & salons from Vancouver

Vancouver erotic massage

What are your options when it comes to sensual massage in Vancouver? I’d go with classifieds sites like Kijiji ( That’s where you can find freelance masseuses, but also tiny apartment studios are often advertising their services there. Those freelancers and small studios often have full service on the menu, something which is not unusual in Vancouver's erotic massage scene.

Vancouver masseuse and client taking a joint shower at the start of the session

Good shower and other facilities are usually part of the deal in Vancouver's massage salons

The Fox Den ( at 4717 Kingsway, explicitly state they’re not selling sexual services. They do amazing erotic massage though, plus they have an escort agency of their own. Platinum Club ( at 426 Homer St, is practically the same thing. They have rooms with tubs, showers and beds if you’d like to take a nap, I guess. Again, no sexual services available. One hour of an erotic rub and tug in Vancouver comes usually at a very affordable price and won’t cost you much more than $100 (USD).

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