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Many ladies advertising their services in Warsaw are independent sex workers but also agencies list their girls there. Profiles of so called “independent” escort girls, which in fact are controlled by pimps and agency owners, are the plague of the escorts industry. But it seems this phenomenon is nowhere so manifest as in Poland. There are hundreds of sites of so-called independent ladies created under free software such as EscortBook and, which are in fact published by agencies. There are many similarities in the names of the sites, their design, description of the girls and prices. After browsing some you definitely will start to recognize them and will be able to filter out these scam sites. It is all just too obvious. I do not know about you but the lack of creativity and the arrogance of those “genius” minds behind to think that most people will not see through bothers me more than the sole fact that they try to cheat on us. Stupidity annoys me usually more than dishonesty and in combination it is even worse, if not even unbearable. There are hundreds of those sites that - very remarkable - have usually empty picture galleries on the original site and use glamorous fake images on international directory sites where they promote their goodies.

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Warsaw offers plenty of opportunities to hook up with escorts, be it independent or agency girls

Remember to use sites such as TinEye ( or reverse image options of general search engines such as Google and Yandex to detect the fake and stolen images. Especially the reverse image function of the Russian search machine Yandex Search returns very reliable results. Luckily there are some exceptions to this scammers trend and some really independent girls have stylish original sites with genuine pictures and great artwork such as Anna Bella ( Prices in Warsaw vary, like everywhere else, a lot. Fees are starting with your regular streetwalker prices and are ending at €300 per night for a premium escort: whatever rocks your boat. Girls in this business are usually local students, a Ukrainian here and there. The street walkers scene also used to be swarmed by shady Romanian prostitutes but luckily it has improved meanwhile.

Streetwalkers in Warsaw were pretty popular about a decade ago, I still remember the girls around the Marriot Hotel and this one, really old prostitute, a walking stereotype in fishnets, which could barely hold their contents. She was always reading a book so we used to call her the Bookmonger. You could probably still find a few around the Palace of Culture and Science and the Warsaw Central Train Station, but it’s not worth the effort unless you’re super desperate. Blowjobs start at €10, while full service is around €20, which is dirty cheap for dirty whores. Unofficial brothels, often operating as massage parlours, are often located in the same area. They are easy to find and not really hidden because of flyers lying literally on the ground everywhere you go.

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