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Don’t expect much from escorts in Astana. Prostitution in post-USSR countries is always dodgy, rampant and often ran by the mafia, the police or both. It’s not all bad though, selling sex is legal and online escorts in Astana don’t need to work with the mob. They are just young students trying to make some extra pocket change in this part of the world. Try to avoid the risky stuff, like shady brothels and street prostitution, as those can get flat-out dangerous. The streets are the worst: people get beaten up and mugged, the girls get abused by corrupt police. They can’t even get numbers right, estimates vary, some say there are only 4000 working girls in Kazakhstan, others claim it’s closer to 24,000. Most girls are, as you probably guessed, from former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Russia of course. Astana is literally filled to the brim with sexy Slavic prostitutes. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the stunning local Kazakh girls with their delicate Asian features.

Escort from Astana with long black hair lying on the bed

In Astana you will find working girls from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as local girls with exotic Asian features

I’d say that online escort agencies in Astana are the best to hook up with local and touring girls. KZ Privat ( and KZ escort ( are good picks. Just make sure you avoid everything with a .ru domain. Paying a $100 usually gets you an hour of good company. You could try local social media, Tinder and even TikTok but it’s a little weird because of the language barrier. Also, do you really want TikTok? Something might pop up on Relax Astana (, but it appears to be dead during winter months.

Sexy women's legs in colourful panties in Astana club

Part-time escorts can also be found in Astana's hotel lobbies, bars and clubs

That being said, winters are super cold here. Don’t count on meeting any streetwalkers outside in those blizzards. They will, however, hang out at some of the more popular hotel lobbies and bars. Your best bet are of course the hotels popular with foreign and local businessmen. You can ask around about brothels and someone might direct you towards one. I personally wouldn’t risk it.

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