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Armenian people have heated debates about whether it’s acceptable to kiss and hug in public. Sex before marriage is also taboo. Some are convinced you go straight to hell for working as an escort in Yerevan. Those are the older generations. Young people are slowly opening to the idea of paid sex services in Yerevan. And when I say slowly, I mean really slowly. All the countries that are in the process of recovering from certain events make the same mistake. They think criminalizing prostitution keeps it in check but it has the opposite effect. High unemployment allows brothels, child prostitution and human traffic to thrive. Tourists complain about being pestered by streetwalkers. Police seem to ignore most of the stuff, including the illegal shady brothels. I never know if it’s out of sympathy they have for poor women or they’re just corrupt and have a financial interest in turning a blind eye to the local sex industry.

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For finding an escort in Yerevan you could browse the international escort directories but don't expect an overwhelming online presence of independent or agency ladies

There is only little online presence when it comes to escorts in Yerevan. Escort Armenia ( appears to be the only oasis in this Yerevan escort scene desert. The business is still in its infancy; to put it mildly. Many individual girls publish their profiles on international directory sites or use dating apps to blatantly advertise paid companionship and intimate services in Yerevan. Surprisingly enough there are quite a lot of transsexuals amongst the local call girls. Independent escort girls in Yerevan can be a hit or a miss. Some ladies are stunning and well educated while others, often coming from the poor rural areas, speak zero English and you would need to speak Armenian or at least Russian.

I’m afraid it’s either that, or you’ll have to go out and explore the local nightlife scene to look for company. Local girls are supposed to be exotic and attractive. Many foreigners visiting Yerevan, including many guys from neighbouring Iran crossing the border for a fun weekend out with the guys roam the local nightclubs to find company for the night. Getting laid for free is not easy since Armenian girls are quite conservative but possible if you’re willing to put in the effort. In the local bars and clubs popular with expats, foreign tourists and businessmen you can also come across the typical gold diggers and part time escorts. Don’t expect too many Armenian sex workers. The vast majority of working girls come from other post-USSR countries. Especially girls from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who have a more liberal mind set when it comes to (paid) sex, are well represented in the local escort scene. And also the dancers in the local strip clubs are usually of Russian or Ukrainian origin. Now what if you cannot take a lady to your own place or when your hotel does not allow female guests for the night? In that case it might be a comforting idea that nearby the cafes and clubs in the centre you can find several so called “love hotels” or “1 hour hotels”. Often the working girls have even deals with the hotel owners so that they also get a piece of the cake. These places are usually a bit rundown and shady but considered to be safe in general.

Sexy Armenian girl smoking hookah in Yerevan bar

Some freelance escorts roam the Armenian night clubs and bars to hook up with foreigners

You obviously won’t find a red-light district here, but you don’t really need to. Working girls roam all over central Yerevan. I’d start with the Republic Square. Just be aware that the further from the square the worse the quality of streetwalkers. The top-of-the-line hookers usually look for clients around the Marriott. That’s the Mount Olympus of mongering in Yerevan. Other parts of town also have groups of hookers here and there, but nothing worth mentioning. Some hotel lobbies could maybe also arrange for freelance escorts in Yerevan. Worst-case scenario would be asking taxi drivers to sort you out. They somehow know everything about every brothel in Yerevan. But most likely they will escort you to the one that will pay them a commission and that is not necessarily the best one. Prices also get a bit tricky, as if the girls are doing a market research and know vey well how they can push the borders. The veteran prostitutes will charge around $20 for full service but younger, attractive chicks might start not below $100.

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