Erotic masseuses & salons from Tokyo

Tokyo erotic massage

There is a whole new world of erotic massage in Tokyo. If you like being spoiled and pampered then you’re in luck. Traditional Japanese upbringing involves raising women into sort of submission and obedience towards men. So when you’re getting serviced it’s almost always top notch. The most unusual forms of erotic massage in Tokyo are soaplands and health services.

Japanese woman covered with foam in Tokyo soapland

Everything goes in Tokyo's soaplands

Soaplands are like erotic massage studios, but entire rooms are like open baths with beds and everything goes. Every session starts with a blowjob, and then moves to the traditional Japanese scrub when you sit on a weird stool with this parting so the partner can reach your junk. Afterwards, you go for whatever you paid for, be it full service sex or just innocent petting. Some salons also have Nuru erotic massage on the menu. Prostitution laws in Japan are so messed up that you can legally have anal with a girl at a soapland but vaginal sex is a no-go. Officially. Soaplands in Tokyo are everywhere but the Yoshiwara district is somewhat known for the highest concentration of them. Tokyo Happiness ( at 2 Chome-5-2 Nishigotanda and Paradise ( at Kawasaki Ward Minami-cho 15-5 are the more popular ones. It’s not cheap; two hours (including “2 shots”) will cost you around $500.

Busty Japanese masseuse ready for health service in Tokyo hotel room

Health service is the Japanese equivalent of an outcall erotic massage service

Health services are a form of erotic massage outcalls. They are supposed to offer stress relief for hardworking Japanese yuppies. But no matter how you call it; it’s a hand job delivery or a hand job ambulance (on mopeds). You can also order services similar to the ones you can get in soaplands with the main difference that you can consume it in your own apartment rather than a soapland salon. Try Ginza Kagayaki (, Yeriben ( or GinGira ( Most health services cost around $400 an hour.

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