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As usual, also in Florence, escorts provide the best and safest options. Escorts and other sex workers have a legalized status in Italy, provided that their work is based on a deal between two people, and not two people and a pimp. As from September 14, 2017, it is also prohibited for men to ask women for sex in exchange for money, if you’re caught doing that you can get locked for up to three months, or faced with a €200 fee. Prostitutes can still make an offer, just not the other way around. Street prostitution is the most common way of mongering in Florence but it’s risky business. And when brothels are illegal…how do you satisfy your needs without being labelled as a criminal?

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For booking a call girl in Florence you should check out online escort directories that cover Italian cities

Escorts (accompagnatrici) in Firenze are the answer! They can’t put you to jail if they don’t catch you red-handed. Italy Escort Zone ( is one of the most popular nation-wide escort directories. You will find a few girls advertising in Florence, but the choice doesn’t seem all that great for that kind of a national escort directory. Escorta ( is another Italian escorts directory: pretty solid and quality is slightly higher. Escort of Italy ( is an agency that has girls serving the cities of Florence, Rome, Milan and Bologna. Keep in mind that Florence is like a 2 hours drive away from all major Italian cities. So booking a call girl from Rome or Milan, where the offer is much larger and more diverse, is also an option. That is to say if you can afford to pay the rather expensive travel rates. Escorts in Florence start at around €150 per hour.

Street hooker waiting in back alley in Florence

Street prostitution in Florence is concentrated in the area around the central railway station

You won’t find any real red light district in this city. Streetwalkers hang around the train station, particularly the streets west of it. Don’t expect any window prostitution or upscale sex shops. You can get a quick blowjob for as low as €20. But if you’re looking for those statuesque Italian donnas then you’re out of luck. Most street working girls are from Eastern Europe and Africa and it goes without saying that the best looking girls will prefer a career in escorting above being a street hooker in shady areas. Brothels don’t work either in Florence; people just don’t want to risk it. Even if they open one and disguise it as a massage salon or whatever, it will get swiftly shut down. You might find something if you ask around but I wouldn’t bother. Italians are very serious about their prostitution laws and consider running a brothel as a form of slavery.

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