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If I would be an escort in Mumbai I’d probably think twice before going out with a client, maybe even thrice. Maybe that would be different if I could work under an umbrella of an escort agency in Mumbai. You know, the kind that does background checks on clients. This is still a third world country in many ways. India’s underbelly is ruled by superstition and cruelty. People actually worship a goddess of prostitution and sell their under-aged daughters to the cult. They think they’re doing them a favour. That they’ll reincarnate as something awesome the next time around. There’s an entire village of prostitutes in India dedicated to this branch of Hinduism. Human traffic and pimp/client brutality are also a major issue, especially in Mumbai. You’ll see roughed up girls and you’ll see old men on the streets bidding on 12-year-old virgins. This is the rock bottom of street prostitution. I can’t be blunter about this. Prostitution in Mumbai is legal, despite all of that hell. Brothels and pimping are illegal, but hold the lion’s share of the business.

Indian escort from Mumbai in seductive pose on floorr

The online escort market in India is huge, but so are the numbers of spammy websites and fake profiles; so as a customer a cautious approach is highly recommended

People are slowly moving away from that kind of stuff. Eyes are turning towards escorts in Mumbai. It’s just massive; there are hundreds if not thousands of websites promoting the local escort business. Hilariously broken English, the fake photos, banners made in Windows Paint. It’s the whole package. I don’t mean this in a negative way: it has its charm. Ishaka Poor Mumbai Escorts ( caught my eye because of its name, but the stable is also very impressive. The stories they post there will brighten up your day. Mumbai Escorts ( and Nikita Bansal ( are more examples of escorts you can expect in Mumbai. You can try classifieds like Mumbi Ask Me (, but you’ll notice it’s the same girls, same agencies etc. You really don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to notice a pattern. Escorts in Mumbai charge “per shot”. One shot costs around €80 and for two you will be charged €120. Booking a girl for an entire night is around €160.

Girl working in the basement brothels of Mumbai's red light district Kamathipura

"Caged" has got a new meaning in Kamathipura, Mumbai's red light district, where many girls live and work under the most miserable circumstances

People say that everything is being run from Kamathipura, Mumbai’s infamous red light district. Reporters uncover mafia-owned bordellos and slave rings on yearly basis. It’s one of the largest red lights districts in Asia, but it’s not a pleasant sight. Get ready for decrepit buildings filled with dirty tiny rooms. They even have basements with 1m by 1m boxes where they keep the unruly prostitutes. It’s a disgusting, dirty, sad test tube filled with venereal diseases. Just check out this shocking Channel 4 News item “Caged until broken” if you think I am dramatizing things: Kamathipura is definitely also a dangerous place, especially for tourists. So, everything kind of sucks in Mumbai, right? Yup. I’d go roaming in upscale clubs like AER or Fever. That’s where I’d look for touring girls or high-quality local escorts. Those can cost upwards from €300 for an hour.

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