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Life of a prostitute in Almaty is not an easy one. Prostitution might be legal but the women are heavily abused. Rape, beatings, and extortion by the police are a common occurrence. That’s the thing with these post-soviet countries: “the pigs” are actual pigs. Kazakhstan, being in Central Asia, is a hub for human traffic and Almaty Airport plays a major role in such shady dealings. Even prominent politicians are known to be involved. Things will hopefully change in a couple of years as Almaty doesn’t deserve such a stigma. As it is now, anything involving organized prostitution (brothels, pimping) is still illegal in Almaty.

Streetwalkers here are infamous for substance abuse, lack of hygiene and volatile behavior. They’re just flat-out dangerous. Never mind the pimps, these hookers will mess you up. That doesn’t leave you with many options. In my opinion: club girls and online escorts are your best bets. You need to keep your guard up even with the most prestigious of escorts in Almaty. Don’t show them your wallet. Don’t send them any PayPal money in advance. Don’t meet them in unfamiliar places.

Mongolian escort in Almaty looking out from the window

Almaty is filled to the brim with Russian escorts but you will also come across some Mongolian working girls

Safety guidelines out of the way, let’s see what’s available. Kizdar ( is a popular site with classifieds. It’s entirely in Russian but the variety of escorts is impressive. You can also try Almaty Call Girls ( and KZ Escort Models ( Those are the main sources of escorts in Almaty ads. Agencies are very few but seem alright. Almaty Escorts ( and Escorts Almaty ( are two with a decent reputation. The best thing about mongering in this city is the variety. You got the Asian girls, the Eastern Europeans, and the rare Mongolian beauties. An hour of fun, or “1 sex” as they call it, will cost you about $50 to $300. Finding a stunning girl for an entire night for $500 is very much possible.

You could also try your luck with the illegal brothels in Almaty. There’s a good chance that the cheap hostel you booked before arriving is an actual brothel. Some receptionists act weird when you ask for a room for the whole night. Most of their clients need half an hour. You’ll have to ask around to find one, but don’t get expect some sort of a premium experience.

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