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Striptease clubs in Chișinău are of a decent quality: all these horny drunks have to go somewhere when straight up prostitution is illegal. Can you fall victim to the usual strip club scam with girls racking up ridiculous receipt? Sure you can. Can you ask a stripper to join you for a drink in your hotel room when her shift is done? Absolutely, but it’s highly unlikely.

Beautiful dancer performing on stage in striptease club in Chisinau

Most striptease clubs in Chisinau are safe bets for a fun night out with great shows and attractive club girls

Hats off for the greatly designed website of Gentlemen’s club The Secret ( Also its dancers look stunning. But the club located on 31 August 1989 street 121 received also some not too good reviews on TripAdvisor. For what it’s worth; at least it teaches us again that you should never judge a book by its cover. Anyway, a cautious approach is always a wise idea when exploring nightlife and especially visiting strip clubs in a foreign city, especially when you are out there your own. And Chișinău (or Kishinev as the Russians say) is no exception to this golden rule. Also remember that a hot mood and too high alcohol consumption never make a good match.

Up&Down ( at Vlaicu Pircalab street 52 is pretty cool, modern interiors, sensual lightening, and beautiful girls equal a really good night out. Night Club Chicago ( at street V. Alexandri 139 is another one worth a mention. Imagine you got a stripper pole in your living room, leather couches, lamps and wallpaper included. That’s the kind of vibe they’re going for there.

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