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Tallinn striptease and erotic night clubs

I have the impression that all the countries with strict prostitution laws are home to some of the shadiest striptease clubs. When people can’t go to a brothel, they will start for their fun in other places. So where would you and your friends go when you’re drunk and have become more brave? A striptease club, naturally. Bachelor weekends are big business in Tallinn. The Swedes, Russians, of course Finns (there are many ferries operating between Helsinki and Tallinn), even the British come to town. “The booze is cheap and the girls are nice, or the other way around” as the saying goes, is very appealing to those who want to throw a party abroad. I think the locals are pissed off and try to screw with all those loudmouth foreigners any chance they get.

Beautiful blonde performer in erotic night club in Tallinn

Most bachelor parties in Tallinn either start or end in a local strip club

Sure, there are venues where everyone is treated fairly, prices are honest and people can have all the fun they want, as long as they behave. Girls in striptease clubs in Tallinn tend to become a bit more “touchy-feely” during the weekends, when the demand is higher. Some might reach the point that even “extra services” might be possible for around €150. X Club ( at Harju 6 has pretty good reviews. It’s an impressive spot with sexy strippers and cool interiors, hosting various events such as Dracula night on Halloween. With a karaoke hall and even a cigar room it has all ingredients for a chill night out with a group of friends. Virgins ( at Tartu maantee 29 is one of the all-time favourites. Some even go that far by saying it’s the best striptease club in Tallinn. As the name implies, they claim they have actual virgins working there. Stripping and lap-dancing and drink-serving virgins; I’m not sure what to think about that, but I can imagine it’ a huge turn-on for some people.

If the local striptiisiklubi and table dance clubs are not your cup of tea you can indulge yourself in Tallinn’s regular club scene.

Beautiful Estonian girls partying in Tallinn night club

Stunning local girls, posh nightclubs and a vibrant nightlife: Tallinn has it all

Tallinn’s nightlife is legendary among the Baltic countries. Swarms of people from Finland and Sweden raid the Old Town during the weekends because the prices are low, especially compared to Scandinavian standards. The bars and clubs targeting foreigners are all located right there. While walking the cobbled stone streets at night you will stumble upon a nice mix of hipster bars and posh clubs. Everyone will find something fitting his or her taste in Tallinn. Sigmund Freud Bar ( at Sauna 8 is one of the most popular ones, so is Koht at Lai 8, which focuses on craft beers. The whole area is perfect for bar crawling, and everything is open until the early morning hours.

You might even get a chance to get acquainted with a local cutie. At least that’s what I did last time when I was in Tallinn on an international business trip. Together with some foreign colleagues I ended up in a funky rooftop club offering brilliant views over Tallinn by night. We spent hours on the open-air dance floors filled to the brim with local partygoers and gorgeous Estonian girls and it turned out to be one of those epic nights out. It was typically one of those experiences you will not get when you are looking too hard for it. You know how it goes in life: they usually happen to you when you expect them the least. All local girls we met that evening were incredibly easy-going and party-minded. The only bad thing was that we had meetings and professional obligations the next day and the headache was pretty epic the morning after.

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