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Munich striptease and erotic night clubs

There are tons of striptease clubs in Munich. But most of them don’t have a very great reputation and most people will advise you to avoid them. Clubs around the central train station are notorious for ripping off tourists and being generally expensive. Most strip clubs and erotic bars in München are your usual western style spots with pole-dance, lap-dance and alcohol, but there are also sex clubs with all the above plus obvious full service if your pockets are deep enough.

If ran down and slightly dirty joints with strippers dancing on top of the bar are your thing, then you should cruise around Schillerstraße. There you will find a ton of those strip joints, usually in old basements along the street. Bad Angel ( at Schillerstraße 11A for example, or the nearby Atlantic City ( on Schillerstraße 3, which also has an erotic cinema and cable TV for various sports events.

High heels standing next to pole in Munich striptease club

Many Munich strip and erotic clubs have extra services on the menu

Thank God there are also the FKK’s in Munich. FKK stands for Freie Körper Kultur, which translates as Free Body Culture. The first FKK club in Germany came to existence when one brothel regular wasn’t happy about his brothels anymore. He was dreaming of a bordello where all the girls were naked and you got what you paid for so he started one in his own basement. The movement grew and became one of the most popular sex services in Germany. One of those stands out in Munich and seems to be mentioned everywhere: FKK Sunshine ( This FKK club at Ludwigshafener Str. 1 is considered to be an upper class FKK variant. FKK Fantasy ( at Landsberger Str. 216 is another popular FKK club in München and probably has the same amount of sexy willing ladies. What can you expect in those establishments? The entry fee of around €60 will often includes everything such as an open bar, self-service restaurant and sauna and all the extra appliances. So basically everything apart from the actual girls with whom you will discuss rates individually. Depending on duration and type of add-on services you like the prices van vary a lot. But usually for a 20-30 minutes session including classic and oral sex you will pay €40-€50.

Couple taking a relaxing bath in Munich FKK sauna club

FKK's: by far the most beloved category of erotic clubs in Germany

Often girls will try to talk you into longer and more expensive sessions with some extras but if you are a first-timer you better go for the basic stuff first. Beware also of the notorious “sharks”. These are girls who cannot find enough customers and can be vey desperate and pushy. They literally smell it when someone is new to the FKK club phenomenon so especially newcomers should be on guard. Some of these might not give you one peaceful moment and they will chase you throughout the whole club until you have joined them to a room. They can be very annoying but as always in adult business be a gentleman and try to put them off in a gentle and diplomatic way. But do not let this discourage you to visit an FKK club because for most men it is an erotic heaven on earth.

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