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Prostitution in Minsk is illegal. But the worst thing that can happen is that you have to pay a small fine; so nobody really cares. It is estimated that the entire country has around 22000 women working in the industry. The safest way of mongering, while avoiding fines, is hooking up with escorts in Minsk. Don’t count on finding any local agencies or directories; they’re monitored and swiftly shut down by the government. Widen your perspective; look at the international directory and classifieds sites instead. Russian Sex Bombs ( currently has profiles of 40 independent escorts in Minsk. An hour with a Minsk escort will cost you anything from €80 to €200, which is a big spread. Many hotels in Minsk have a reputation for having working girls: you can usually find them in the lobbies and bars of hotels, popular with foreign tourists and businessmen. There are many anecdotes of people who got unsolicited calls right after checking in. Sometimes the proposals are pretty straightforward and they are asked whether they would like to have a girl sent upstairs. At other occasions a lady refreshing the towels might hint on extras. It’s for sure: room service has often a special dimension in Minsk.

Blonde escort girl in Minsk hotel

In Minsk many escorts operate from hotels

Some girls advertise in local newspapers, but who reads newspapers nowadays? Dating apps like Tinder are also quite popular. Many freelance sex workers in Belarus also have a profile on Mamba (, a dating service, which is a hit in the former USSR republics and comes with a handy mobile app including English translation nowadays. It is not hard to filter out the working girls, although the borderlines between professional escorts and amateur hookers in Belarus are fluid. Take a cautious and check authenticity of pictures before making an appointment. Always. Stealing and using fake pictures is a widespread phenomenon in escort business, and even more so in these regions. Selfies might look genuine at first sight, but also they could be “be borrowed” from an Instagram model. Reverse image search can be your best friend in these cases. Try Google, Yandex or the special reverse image search engine TinEye ( Requesting a video via Whatsapp or make a video call call prior to a date could also avoid unpleasant surprises.

In very rare cases you might stumble upon an independent escort in Minsk who even runs her own website. Luna (, a blonde stunner from Minsk, belongs to the rare specie of Minsk escort girls with an own website. Occasionally she does also international city trips, usually to the Netherlands. So if you are lucky you can even hook up with her in an Amsterdam hotel room.

Old-school hookers still roam the streets of Minsk, but I got a weird feeling that those belong the mafia and got police in their pockets. Areas frequented by streetwalkers include: Masherow Avenue, around the airport and Nezavisimosti metro station. A quickie will cost you around €60. The most widely spread way to get laid in Minsk is to hook up with girls frequenting hotel lobbies and “casual” bars and nightclubs. It’s a hybrid form of prostitution, which is common in some parts of the world, including former USSR countries. That way of mongering is really popular in Minsk. Some even go that far by saying that the city centre turns into a kind of red light district during night. It makes sense; most nightclubs and bars are either located directly in hotels or very nearby. Usually police and law enforcement turn a blind eye on the clubs and bars that are infamous for attracting freelance prostitutes.

Girls sipping cocktails in Minsk nigh club

Clubs in Minsk are good pick-up places for local girls and freelance escorts

Hotel Belarus ( at Storozhevskaja 15 is considered to be a good place to meet up with local girls. Both the hotel lobby and bar are crowded with stunners, looking out for lonely men. Dozari club ( at Praspyekt Nyezalyezhnastsi 58 at, and Mojito Bar are right next to each other, both are known as freelance escort hunting grounds. Stirlitz ( at Oktyabr'skaya 23 is popular among both locals and tourists, also a great spot to pick up some company. Keep in mind that they’re only open on the weekends. A high-end working girl that you meet in a club during a night out in Minsk will charge you at least €100 per hour. Obviously, the final negotiated price will depend on her looks, the services you would fancy and how much time you would like to spend with her. Usually girls also tend to drop their prices just before closing time of the club.

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