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Ibiza, be it the island or the city (also called Ibiza Town or in Catalan Elvissa), is all about that Freelove, like Depeche Mode sang about. But not-so-free love is also common on the island. Police crack down on crime circles involved in human traffic and prostitution every year. Most women (even of a minor age) are trafficked from Nigeria, under the false promise of a new life in Spain. They end up getting exploited on the streets and beaten up by their pimps if don’t meet their expectations. Many are getting brainwashed into obedience with violence and bogus voodoo rituals. Others are told they owe money for the “service”. I can’t believe people still fall for that bullshit. All that amounts to prostitution being generally illegal on Ibiza. Regular working girls are allowed to practice their trade, but the dark side of the business is mercilessly prosecuted. It’s not all bad. Ibiza isn’t in the stone age of prostitution. The girls came together, formed Spain first “Sex Services Cooperative of Spain”. They aim to allow sex workers to obtain permits, insurance, you know, stuff like RIGHTS.

Latin escort sunbathing at Ibiza swimming pool

Many Latin and other escorts on Ibiza are high class call girls on tour

Escorts on Ibiza are, for the most part, European and South American babes spending their summer on the island. The understanding is that the capital Ibiza Town, usually short named Ibiza, is where the most upscale girls reside. It’s the area where the rich and better-behaved clientele reside and it attracts the hottest chicas and sex workers. If you’re looking for a grimier experience then San Antonio to the west is where the action is. It’s the Jersey Shore of Ibiza. Either way, the best thing you can do is go online and see what’s up. The market is heavily populated by escort agencies such as Ally’s Angels (, Escorts in Ibiza ( or High Class Escort ( Escort directories are a pleasant surprise and advertise spectacular looking ladies. Try Ibiza Tops (, Ibiza Escort Girls ( or Ibiza Honey ( and check out the online profiles and ads of damas de compañía (female escorts), or as the Spanish put it also very directly: putas (whores).

Ibiza brothel girl illuminated by neon lights

Some night clubs on Ibiza act as semi-brothels in reality

There are no red light districts in Ibiza Town or on the rest of the isle for that matter. There are low key brothels and clubs but nothing really centralized. I guess you could sort of call Figueretas in Ibiza city and West End in San Antonio RLD's but that’s a bit of a stretch. They’re more like wild party streets with a naughty side, nothing extraordinary. Many establishments with “Club” in their name act as a semi-brothel. Listen to the locals, subtle hints like calling Pacha or Amnesia a “disco” instead of a “club” should give you an idea.

Freelance escort enjoying a cocktail at bar in Ibiza club

Many freelance working girls are fishing for clients in the bars, discos and clubs of Ibiza

Many discos and nightclubs, on the other hand, are packed with freelancers. The legendary club Space was known to be a great spot to look for talent, especially during the day. It closed its doors in 2016 and made a restart in 2017 under the name Hï Ibiza. A quickie will cost you around €100-150, hourly with some of the better-looking beach babes starts at €200.

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