Erotic masseuses & salons from Oslo

Oslo erotic massage

Erotic massage studios in Oslo, while not brothels, do offer a chance at a happy ending and even full service in some cases. People say that most Thai parlours do handjobs for a €50 tip. The rare cases of full service will set you back around €200. Just don’t think it’s a common thing; the ones that go that far are almost impossible to find.

Customer receiving back massage in Thai massage salon in Oslo

There are many rumours about what is possible in Thai massage studios in Oslo

If you’re just in for a sensual massage experience you’ll have to dish out at least €150 for the basic stuff. Angel’s Massage ( has two salons operating in Oslo. One is close to the Royal Palace and the other one is located around the Aker Brygge. Thai Aroma ( at Dælenenggata 12C is your typical, relatively cheap studio with cute Asian girls. Sunrise ( at Lille Frogner allé 5B, offers a fine selection of local masseuses and sexy tantric shenanigans.

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