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There is a rather accepting attitude towards prostitution and escorts in Porto. You could say it went through certain stages throughout the years. Beginning with slave trade back when the city was established. Then came the usual port city prostitution for lonely sailors. Nowadays, it’s all about independent escorts in Porto. There is a story about Recolhimento de Nossa Senhora do Ferro supposedly located at Rua Escura (the Dark Street). It was a legendary shelter for the working girls and distraught widows seeking refuge. So, historically, it seems the community really cared about women in Porto. I think they still do. Prostitution is legal as long as it’s a simple transaction between two sides. Independent escorts offering outcall service in Porto for example are not an issue since it is based upon a deal between just you and the girl. Anything organized by a third party is technically a crime. I wouldn’t say that the business is booming but it definitely is present. Maybe aside from streetwalking, which is gradually dying out.

Porto ecort with glass of port wine at the forefront

Why not enjoy a glass of port during a date with an escort in Porto?

Statistics say that 80% of all prostitution in Porto is arranged online. Most escort agencies have girls operating in Lisbon, Porto and other main cities of Portugal. Ninfa Models (, Escort Privada ( and Porto Escort ( are a few from the top of my head. Apartado X ( stands out with their classy design and quality girls. The number of escort websites is very impressive when it comes to Porto. The weird part that the number of girls seems to be spread thin, with only a handful to pick from. Take Porto Girls ( for example with a small but refined selection of call girls. Naturally there is also a large presence of girls from Brazil and other Latin American countries. But do not count on the large numbers of Latin and African working girls you will come across when exploring the paid sex scene in Lisbon.

Street prostitute in Porto near São Bento train station

Dare devils can explore the street walkers zone around the São Bento train station in Porto

You can meet streetwalkers in the twilight zone behind São Bento train station. That’s if you’re feeling adventurous. I know from personal experience that dark alleys and archways in Portugal are never a good idea.

Girl on sofa in Porto brothel

Bordellos in Porto are not always easy to localize

Illegal brothels are all right in Porto: not great and not terrible either. Their obvious downside is that they’re illegal and hard to find. There is no red-light district, everything is scattered all around Porto. You can come across a couple of freelance escorts and working girls in clubs and bars, but they don’t have a specific hangout. Prices usually start at around €100 for an hour with a freelancer, a professional escort or a brothel girl. Street hookers will charge you €50 at the most.

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