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Escort services in Kharkiv (or Kharkov as the name goes in Russian) are surprisingly civilized. I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but Eastern Europe has a reputation issue. I guess that escorts in Kharkiv are doing well because the city is filled with foreigners. That brings not only money but also different mind-sets. It’s better than in some other parts of Ukraine, but prostitution is still illegal. Everything outside of the independent escorts in Kharkiv is very likely linked to the mob. Local girls also speak little English. As you see, some stereotypes do check out. Thankfully, an increasing number of women in the business are young students who are highly educated, autonomous and take things at own hands. If you have a soft spot for students working as escort on the side you might have come to the right place. Kharkiv is a traditional and renowned university city in Ukraine and a large part of its population are students. Many are even from abroad, thanks to international exchange programmes.

Young independent Ukrainian escort in black bra

In Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities students sometimes work on the side as part time escort

Try to stick to online profiles of individual escorts in Kharkiv, if possible. That will decrease the chance that the escort in Kharkiv you’re about to book is controlled by some pimp or gang involved in human trafficking. There are several online escort directories listing prostitutki or eskort devushki (escort girls) in Kharkov. VIP Popki ( is a good source, though I’m not a fan of needing a VIP account for that sort of stuff. Kinosex ( even has metro stations included in the escorts’ profiles. Natasha Escort ( also sports quite a selection of Ukrainian babes. Hooking up with working girls and freelance escorts on dating apps is popular in Ukraine. ( was a staple but Tinder is slowly pushing it out of the market. Pricing is very low in Ukraine. An hour with an escort costs between €50 and €100. Ask for a selfie or check the online photos with reverse image search before sealing the deal with an escort. I am a huge fan of TinEye ( and Yandex Search to fish out the fake profiles.

Stunning Ukrainian girl in seductive pose at a bar in Kharkov

Kharkiv's bar and club scene offer great opportunities to mingle with local girls, including freelance escorts

Street prostitution in Kharkiv is rare nowadays. It used to be widespread years ago and streetwalkers could be noticed around all main squares of Kharkiv. But these times are over now. You might still see a few corner girls here and there, especially near popular hotels. Most freelance working girls however depend on the nightlife spots for finding their clients. Dressed to kill they visit the local night clubs, crowded bars and pubs frequented by foreigners. Brothels were a big deal in the 2010s. Not anymore though. All of those 20 decent bordellos are no more. There are still a few operating from remote apartments, but the quality is usually rather poor and not tailored to serve foreigners. Prices are super low though; something like €30 to €50 at a brothel. That is to say: if you manage to find one.


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