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Escort services in Delhi reflect how the city looks and feels like: they’re full of contradictions. There are lot of “diamonds in the rough”. There are good escorts in Delhi, they’re just buried somewhere very deep. Prostitution is legal here (with the usual exceptions), but it feels like it’s out of necessity. Even if they wanted to make it illegal, it would be impossible to control. The population is way too dense, and in many cases way too desperate. Poverty is real and very apparent in Delhi. It’s one of the reasons there are dozens (if not hundreds) of illegal brothels, pimps, and under-aged prostitutes around the city. Higher quality services are out there, though overshadowed by scams and just bad people. Police officers are getting stabbed. So it does not require a lot of imagination what nasty stuff can happen to cocky tourists. The bulk of sex workers in Delhi come from small towns and rural areas around India. “Foreigners” from Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries are considered “exotic” and are usually in high demand. Those girls are often victims of human traffic and pimp cruelty. Some sources claim that there are thousands of European and Asian hookers in Delhi. It’s nasty stuff and I won’t even mention the standards of hygiene here.

Beautiful Eastern European escort on red sofa

Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic escorts are high in demand in India

The awesome kind of an escort in Delhi will look for her clients around upscale areas. They’ll usually work in internationally-ran Delhi escort agencies and focus on wealthy businessmen. Check Miss Delhi Escort ( or Apsara of India ( Look for tidy and comprehensible sites. Try to avoid the ones looking like Aliasharma (, though I admit I love the Walt Disney font. Indian Internet is an acquired taste, not easy to digest. You could find something special on classifieds such as Adesex ( Never pay upfront, always ask for photos, and don’t be afraid to say “no”. Scams and fake profiles are all over the place so a super cautious approach is a must. When an escort girl claims she is independent throw the phone in Google and control whether the number is not used at the same time by many other girls and agencies. Check the veracity and accuracy of uploaded pictures with reverse image search tools provided by Google, Yandex or TinEye. Ask for selfies or arrange a video call prior before setting up a meeting. And even all these precautious measures cannot assure you will meet the girl of the picture. The best thing you can hope for is getting a girls’ private number and bypass the pimps/agencies.

You are also lucky when the girl you meet, is different but more beautiful than the person on the pictures. Remember that India is very traditional and conservative society with strong family values. When it comes out that a girl works as escort on the side it would mean her family would reject her, or even worse. Honour killings of women who have “disgraced” their families are a rather common phenomenon or better said: plague in these regions. So only very few Indian escort girls will show their real pictures online and definitely not with their face or other features recognisable. Of course this will be different for Russian and other Eastern European call girls who live in different social circles or come and go during international tours. But also here: always switch on your scam radar. Prices? Honestly; it looks like they are randomly pulled out of someone’s ass. It can be anything between $50 and $500 for two hours or for the entire night. Just put your “are you kidding me?” face on when they say the price. This is how you haggle in India. I would personally never pay anything more than $100 in Delhi unless it’s some absolute stunner.

Street hookers in delhi working for customers

In several areas of Delhi the streets are swarmed by working girls

The streets are where it gets even messier. There’s an infamous red-light district in Delhi and several spots are crowded with streetwalkers. Garstin Bastion Road is a market street where people trade automotive parts, mechanics, and tools. It’s also the main red-light district in Delhi; quite possibly one of the most off-putting ones in the world. There are hundreds of tiny brothels and a rough estimate of a thousand prostitutes on this street alone. It can turn out to be a very dirty and especially awkward experience, with kids doing homework while you’re paying their mom for sex behind a curtain. It is also a notoriously lawless part of the city where cops are getting stabbed to death. Give it a shot if you’re feeling adventurous. Mall Mile is another spot with an interesting…procedure. Pimps drive around with girls in the back and hazard lights turned on. You drive by, show them the money, you both stop, the girl jumps into your car etc. Like in a James Bond movie. Well, sort of. Streetwalkers in Delhi will rarely ask for more than 1000 rupees, which is less than $15.

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