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Santo Domingo’s locals think of prostitution as a stain on their stunning city. It gets to the point where people give advice on how to avoid it, not how to find it. The escort business in Santo Domingo is big, not Thailand-big but big nonetheless and growing. People aren’t very wealthy outside of the major tourism centers and prostitution is good money. The way it goes here is that everything but pimping is legal. The laws aren’t enforced much so practically even pimping is common. Most escorts in Santo Domingo and working girls in general look for clients around Boca Chica beaches. Finding action in main Santo Domingo, or Zona Colonial is pretty easy as well. What can you expect? Local women mostly, darker-skinned Haitians and lighter-skinned Dominicans. Hooking up with touring escorts in Santo Domingo is a good way of enjoying a more unique kind of company. People say the girls tend to have sticky fingers, especially when it comes to wealthy tourists. STD’s are also an issue in the Dominican Republic, same deal with underaged prostitutes. No need to say you better stay far away from these things.

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Most escorts in Santo Domingo put their profiles on classified advertisings sites like Craigslist since there are not really escort directories in the Dominican Republic

You do not have to be bothered with sleazy pimps and bothersome streetwalkers. Just go online and pick one from many gorgeous escorts available in Santo Domingo. Escorts Santo Domingo ( is an agency with a small stable of escorts. Club Chica ( is one with suspiciously young-looking girls. Secret Escorts DR ( seems to have the most upscale selection. You might find something on Craigslist but the Dominican Republic is really lacking in the classifieds and directory departments.

There are two places to go if you’re looking for old-fashioned streetwalking. Zona Rosa is the semi-official red light district in Santo Domingo. It’s a bit of a stretch with mostly dozens of working girls on the streets and in seedy bars. Boca Chica by day is your dreamy beach district, but it turns into something else at night. You’ll be seeing a lot of very old men with very young girls. You’ll bump into hustlers and plain robbers on the main street. You might lose a tooth or two. Or you might have the best time of your life. I don’t know. I am afraid I have a soft spot for cesspools like that. Hit the upscale areas of Zona Colonial or Avenida Venezuela if you’d rather play it safe. Wherever you end up, don’t ever pay more than a $100 for sex in Santo Domingo. Some top-notch escorts might ask for $200 but those are usually 10/10 hotties.

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