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As it is the case with almost all the port towns in the entire world, prostitutes and drinks (being traditional sailor favourite pastimes) have always been prominent in Rotterdam. Nowadays it’s also legal as long as the girl or agency is registered. The formal red light district got closed down, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no fun to be had in town anymore, all the action is spread around instead of being centralized like in Amsterdam. Young girls often pick the route of working as an escort; be it a freelance one, or letting someone take care of the details and enrol with an agency. The vast majority of independent girls, Dutch but also foreign ones, will advertise their services on - what’s in a name - Kinky ( where you can browse literally thousands of profiles. Before making an appointment of booking it would also be recommended to check reviews on the forum part of the site or visit Hookers ( It’s a huge and immense popular prostitution forum site owned by the same guys who are operating Unfortunately, the operators of Hookers needed to close the forum/review part of the site recently. Many users wrote too many personal details about the girls and the site could no longer secure the privacy of the escorts and other sex workers reviewed and discussed on the forum.

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Most independent call girls and girls working for escort bureaus in Rotterdam come from Asia, Latin America and especially Central and Eastern Europe

Travelling escorts from abroad will often book a hotel in the centre of Rotterdam but many of them also stay for short time in private flats in cities such as Zoetermeer, Delft and other towns nearby Rotterdam and which can be easily reached by public transport. There are also many escort agencies out on the market serving Rotterdam and its region. The vast majority of the girls are of foreign origin. You will come across Asian ladies (especially in the local massage scene), Latina’s and of course the “usual suspects” from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Courtesan Club ( and Elite Dolls ( both offer a selection of stunning babes available both in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. There are also a few escorts who run their own websites like Fleur ( There are even some who don’t advertise online at all and prefer to work on reference from client to client. It’s hard to put a median on Rotterdam escorts, some girls start at €50 for a 20 minutes quicky, while some others have a minimum hour price of at least €200.

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