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Escorting and most other erotic business are legal in Ghent (in Dutch: Gent). The situation is similar as in the rest of Belgium. Practically everything is legal as long as it doesn’t cause harm to women. Some brothels are kind of in a grey zone: technically spoken illegal but usually tolerated by the police and law enforcement. Some of the independent escorts in Ghent are obviously young students, like Marie ( They are completely open about studying in daily life. I appreciate that kind of transparency. But of course it could also be just pretending and smart marketing to appeal to hidden desires of men or to add some intellectual flavour to a date. I mean: which man never had secret fantasies about going to bed with a young and fresh student? Ghent is also home to some call girl agencies like Sofie Escorte & Privé ( that also dubs as a private house where girls can receive customers. The site is a bit mysterious when it comes to available option and leaves you with only a short description of the agency girls. The ladies are called Sofia’s playful pussycats and they all speak at least three languages, which is pretty common in a bilingual county as Belgium. In any case, that comes certainly in handy when the body language alone would not be enough to make clear what you want and expect.

Ghent escort sitting on the bed

Most escorts in Ghent promote their services online

Many independent escort girls and call girl agencies are advertising on local directory sites such as (, a platform that will often pop up when you would search the Internet for Gent escorts. Another strong name in that field is ( It claims to be an erotic dating site, but most of the listed members/advertisers have clear commercial intentions. Basically most (Belgian) directory sites are just an enormous catalogue of escorts and masseuses for you to pick from. There’s no limit as to what you can find if you look hard enough, local ladies, gorgeous Slavic girls on city tour, and curvy babes with African or Latin roots. It’s like a bag of gummy bears from Haribo. The average price for an escort in Gent is about €200 per hour.

Prostitute in Glazen Straatje, the red light district of Ghent

Glazen Straatje in Ghent: combination of Arabian market and Arc de Triomphe

Ghent is probably the only city in the world where girls are working on a protected heritage site. It’s truly fascinating how Ghent’s red light district is located right next to the municipal dioceses, just south of downtown. There are around 100 windows, which are often all occupied by working girls. The Glazen Straatje (Little Glass Street), nicknamed after its glass roof and officially called Pieter Vanderdoncktdoorgang, resembles a blend of an Arabian market and Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A basic session with a window girl in Ghent will cost you usually not more than €50 for 20 minutes. That’s more than enough time for the most of us. Many girls working in the Glazen Straatje present themselves on a site, especially dedicated to the ancient alley (t That kind of online promotion is pretty unique for a red light district. The girls in the Glazen Straatje are known for being pretty and friendly but unfortunately some girls fall victim to pimping and exploitation practices. In case of any indication of abuse customers are expected to alert the competent authorities. Which is nothing more than common sense of course. In some streets nearby such as the Belgradostraat you can encounter even more window girls, brothels and peep shows. Another area for erotic entertainment is near the railway station Gent-Sint-Pieters. There you will find some erotic bars and massage studios in streets such as Sint-Denijslaan, Ganzendries and Smidsestraat.

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