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One could say that in Valencia escorts are a part of the city’s cultural heritage. Prostitution flows in this city’s veins. For over three hundred years it was known as “the Brothel of Europe”. Valencia was so messed up that even a monastery of San Gregorio was a sex business site. That was in medieval times, but how does it look now? There is a lack of normal work, so escorts in Valencia are thriving. It’s gotten to a point that someone opened a school of prostitution. Pimping is a crime and you won’t be seeing any of that unless you wander into some nasty streetwalker areas. It’s generally great, even though illegal immigrants dominate the scene. You will be seeing a lot of girls trafficked from Africa. Where will you see them? Mostly in brothels, as those are quite possibly the most popular means of mongering in Valencia.

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Escorts in Valencia come from all continents and particularly Latin America is well-represented

A large percentage of escorts in Valencia prefer to advertise their services online. I assume it’s because of safety and independence. Not having to split their income might be a factor as well. As you can expect from a large Spanish city there is large influx of sex workers (or putas or prostitutas as the locals say) from South American countries. You can stumble upon Chilean, Colombian and Venezuelan girls; to name just a few usual suspects. Directories such as Eros Guia ( or Valencia Citas ( are a safe bet to start your quest for local Spanish and Latin escorts. Ovly ( the self-proclaimed “Uber of Escorts” is a very modern site with some interesting innovations. It’s just a few sites but I think the scale of escort services in Valencia is clear. Then there are the innumerable escort agencies. Geisha ( and Hello Baby ( are good picks. Competition is fierce so the prices are lower than you’d expect. An hour with a scorching hot chica costs as low as €80.

Two girls in Valencia bordello

Brothels in Valencia are state of the art and provide often escort service as well

Escort services are often part of brothels in Valencia. Those bordellos are supposed to belong to the best in Europe and form a major part of the local sex business. Felina ( at Naturalista Rafael Cisternas Street, 6B is a well-known brothel with a good reputation. Soul Valencia ( at Plaza de Conovas is also all right. People say there’s a red light district behind the Estacion Norte train station. It’s just a dark alley with a bunch of drugged-out streetwalkers. You might find some independent escorts in bars and clubs, but it’s not that common in Valencia. Brothels are the name of the game around these parts.

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