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Both modern and historic Montréal has been known as a rather naughty city. They had a notorious Quartier du Red Light with all sorts of fun to be had. Good stuff like gambling, prostitution, fistfights, and illegal drinking establishments. It was all especially prominent during the American Prohibition. That dark side of Montréal still remains, just not as obvious as back then. You’d think that it’s a very liberal city, but it has an influential conservative side to it. There are some circles in Montréal that went as far as trying to “criminalize sin”. That’s why prostitution is still in a legal limbo: you can sell, but you cannot buy. I think it purposefully makes little sense; so people avoid mongering.

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Montreal escorts scene: a lot of variety and high quality

That didn’t stop the business from flourishing; it is the Canadian party central after all. The vast majority of prostitutes is focusing on online presence. Only the most desperate girls are left working the streets. Both escort agencies and directories in Montréal are of impressive quality and variety. Maybe it’s just my fling but particularly like the selection of alternative escorts at Indy Companion ( You don’t see that kind of a stable often. The other agencies are standard stuff like MontrealXXXtase (, EscortsXO ( or Sweet Montréal ( Independent escorts are also on another level, have a look at Catherine’s website ( Humpchies ( is your best bet when it comes to escort directories in Montréal. They got everything from agencies and solo girls to erotic massage parlors. LeoList ( is a renowned Canadian classifieds site with hundreds of escort ads.

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Being a port city Montreal has a long-standing tradition in prostitution including streetwalkers

Montréal used to the main port city in the area. Sailors look for two things when they’re on land: hookers and booze. The entire port area used to be a huge brothel. The action was somewhat concentrated around Saint Laurent Boulevard and Saint Catherine Street. It still is, just not in plain sight. Brothels operate as dirty back-alleys hotels and streetwalkers roam undisturbed. For the most part Montréal is really expensive. Even corner girls will charge between $50 and $200 for the usual stuff. Escorts won’t even go below $200 and there are some that charge up to $1000 for an hour.

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