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Booking escort services in Jerusalem must be on every monger’s bucket list. It must be that thrill of sinning in the Holy City. Escorts in Jerusalem can operate legally, can’t say the same about the buyers, though. “Seeking prostitution is illegal” as they say. Naturally, any form of organized pimping is also a crime. The general attitude here is a mixed bag. There are movies shot in Jerusalem concerning brutality against sex workers. Apparently, there have been cases of the girls becoming an easy outlet for Israeli-Palestinian tensions. I wouldn’t blame escorts in Jerusalem for being extra-careful. A large part of the business is comprised of ex-Soviet Union immigrants and girls from poor regions of Israel. The scene might not be as big as in Tel Aviv, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Beautiful Jerusalem escort in red dress and high heel shoes posing on bed

Many escorts operating from Jerusalem are stunning ladies, often with roots in Russia and other former countries in the USSR

Online escorts in Jerusalem are the best quality you can get, but they come at a moderately high price. The girls available on directories such as Escort in Israel ( and Titi ( are some of the best I’ve seen. Expect the turbo-charged Russian stunners everyone’s drooling over. Many sites like Escort24h ( or Succariya ( will have girls stationed in Tel Aviv (only an hour’s drive away). You can browse the classifieds on Wikizona ( if you’re looking for a cheaper experience. Rates of the top escorts can get stupid high, as in over $800 for an hour.

There is very little action outside the online space as most streetwalkers look for work in Tel Aviv. There is no centralized red-light district in Jerusalem either. You can ask around for secret apartment brothels, but that’s about it. Some hookers might camp along the roads leading outside of the city; they’re a rare sight. You’ll have better luck meeting freelance escorts in bars and clubs. It’s a little risky since you get penalized if you get caught buying sex.

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