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A city frequented by codename 007 has got to have an impressive population of beautiful women, including some of the best and most expensive escorts in the world. Prostitution in Monaco is legal, brothels and pushing your services to people on the streets aren’t. Escorts in Monaco and all kinds mongering are very different than anywhere else in the world and that is to be expected, it is a city of billionaires and they are the target clientele for local working girls. Booking up that kind of company isn’t easy either. Escorts in Monaco rarely advertise online, brothels aren’t a thing and the city is just too prestigious for streetwalking.

High class escort in Monaco handed over

VIP call girls in Monaco charge sky-high rates

Nice might be a better place to look for easily manageable and affordable sex; it’s only a half an hour drive away. Sure, some escorts in Monaco advertise on French directories such as ( and T Escorts (, while others post their profiles on touring escorts sites like International Escorts Monaco ( Flying a lady from London to Monaco sounds as easy as ordering food online, independent escorts like Ambra Jolie ( will gladly join you in your hotel room in just a few hours for the extra few thousand euro fee. That is to say when this stunning international elite courtesan will be available for booking a flight to the Cote d’Azur and not on tour to Milan or Dubai. Where are all the Bond girls, those top prostitutes you can’t find anywhere else? They’re everywhere in Monaco. You think James picked those girls up because he was handsome and charming, but no, those were the elite Monaco escorts, those that charge €10000 for a quickie. I’m not even exaggerating, that’s pocket change for the people that live there. The cheapest you’ll get is a €500 blowjob and that’s if you’re cute and the working girl feels generous.

Girls sipping cocktails at bar in Monaco club

Freelance escorts in Monaco also visit the local bars and clubs to hook up with clients

That top shelf of super model babes come to Monaco from all over the world, knowing they can save enough money to build a house during just a few months of pleasant work. Women like that have a sixth sense, they can smell the money and that’s where they hang out. Spots around Monte Carlo such as Hotel de Paris and the Casino are where you’re likely to find some company. The Hermitage Hotel lobby, restaurant and bar are also a safe bet, not to mention the exclusive clubs around town; the ones that charge €50 for sparkling water. If a girl completely out of your league is checking you out, then it’s probably a prostitute. Just don’t go around calling random women out, some of them are just “looking to hook up for money”, others are looking for sugar-daddies and some actually live in Monaco and are probably some kind of royalty. Setting your Tinder radius to 50 meters is also a good way to meet those stunners, there’s only little chance of possible misunderstandings as they often include prices in their profiles.

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