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I grew up in the 90s and back then movies like "From Dusk Till Dawn" were the bomb. A titty bar built on top of an ancient Mayan temple? Check. Salma Hayek? Check. Vampires? Check. It was amazing, a cult classic. Sadly, striptease clubs in Mexico City aren’t built on top of places of pagan worship, or are they? There are no literal vampires but there is a huge chance of getting your debit card sucked dry as soon as the girls smell the foreigner in you.

Two dancers in striptease club in Mexico City

Striptease clubs in Mexico will be associated forever with "From Dusk till Dawn"

The newer striptease clubs in Mexico City are decent, to say the least, some of them are great. Barba Azul at Gutiérrez Nájera 291 is the closest thing to the From Dusk Till Dawn experience. Full of locals, spilled beer and women on poles looking like a taco el pastor spit-grill. So old-school they don’t even have a website. EL Closet at Saltillo 60 is also immensely popular, despite the funny name. 40 Grados at Insurgentes Sur 623 and Chateau Mens Club at Insurgentes Sur 1670 are both a bit on the “loose side” and you can definitely count on some action there.

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