Erotic masseuses & salons from Shanghai

Shanghai erotic massage

Erotic massage in Shanghai is everywhere. Small parlors you will come across on the streets are the most common and the cheapest. Same thing is with the barbershops and hair salons providing such services on the side. If the price is higher than $60 you can be sure there’s a happy ending involved. There’s one scam that is gaining popularity in cheap sensual massage parlors in Shanghai. A hot girl approaches you on the streets, offer you-know-what in a nearby studio. You take a cab, you have no idea where you are and she will drag you into one of those shady little spots. And then the “fun” really gets started. You will get a quick and uninspired massage by someone completely different and four huge Chinese dudes pop out of nowhere. They beat you up, steal all you have and throw you out of the parlor. So remember to step out immediately if you smell something fishy.

Outcall massage service is a good subsitute for visiting shady studios in Shanghai

Ordering an outcall massage service to your hotel or own place can good be a good alternative to visiting remote venues without knowing what to expect. Online erotic massage ads are ambiguous to say the least. I’d say most of them hint additional services and that’s putting it mildly. Check Shanghai Relax ( it’s more of a directory for erotic masseuses in Shanghai. Happy Massage ( is another hugely popular Asian directory with quality "masseuses".

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